Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's On Your Needles - Shoe Holders

Do you have enough closet space? 
Does anyone? 

We used to. 
Really we did. 

Then we moved here to Raleigh.
It's a much smaller, nifty (town)house.

We "lost" a big walk-in closet.
A closet so big that my grown son, Jordan, jokingly asked 
if he could move in to that "room."

No big problem though. 
We gained an attic for storage of the non-essential, day to day things that 
used to live in our walk-in.
We also lost wall space where our shoe racks had hung.

For a year+ now, our shoes have been scattered,
smothered and covered around our bedroom.
(Are ya hungry now?)

So I decided to utilize the space on the closet's louver doors!!!
Genius, yes?

I made a pattern. 
Well, really I just wrote the dimensions up. 
These shoe hangers have to fit in 12" wide spaces.

I then commenced to tearing fabric. 
I tear fabric for straight lines. 
Easier and much more accurate than cutting 'em.

Using all black and white fabric.


I made up how to construct these as I went along. 
Hopefully I can make the other 3 the same way. 

There's a slat of wood in a pocket at the top to help hold it flat. 
Drapery hooks are in the back to aid in hanging them 
over the old, broken over the door hangers. 

How do you like this fabric? 

My friend Tara mentioned that JoAnn Craft and Fabrics had Star Trek fabrics. 
I was having a fit to find an "excuse" to buy some.

Adding a bit of embroidery to jazz it up a bit. 

Using the 3 "official" uniform colors.

Did you know that the highest ranking Star Fleet Officers' uniforms were actually a green-yellow color?
The camera made them look golden!

Live long and Prosper. 
I gotta get back to assembling these shoe hangers before 
 forget how I did the first one!


  1. The shoe holders are so creative & look awesome! And that Star Trek fabric & embroidery? Phenomenal!

  2. I'm am the *worst* about shoe organization. Someday I'll die from tripping over shoes. Your handy shoe bags are awesome, you're so creative, Becky! AND WOW! I LOVE the embroidering on the Star Trek fabric, how fun is that?! Stitch long and prosper!

  3. Great idea and great execution, lady! I am loving how you found a way to use the Star Trek fabric, too! I had another idea for using it myself, just last night at dinner time when I was gently tapping at the corners of my mouth the the napkins I just made last week. ;)


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