Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's On your Needles? Super Secret Stitching

 I love surprising folks with gifts. 
Especially gifts that I make.

It can be nerve racking though.
Will they like it?
Did I do a good job?

I belong to a world-wide embroidery group.
Several of us are participating in a grand swap.
We started with an embroidery on our own towel, table runner or apron.
Some stitchers picked designs that represented where they live - like New Zealand!!
Others choose one design for everyone and then customized it for the recipient.
That's what I did.
I used this pattern that 
I found this on doe-c-doe's blog long ago.

Then each of us mailed our towel off to the next on the list.
We embroidered on each piece as it came to us.

Here's how I started my towel.
Looks just like me, yes?

It was supposed to take a couple of months but as you know, crafty folks have stuff to do.
I am one of the guilty ones that held up the round robin of excellent stitchery!
Almost a year later, folks are getting their original works back.

This is the one I did for Pam aka KittyKill.
We share a love of wacky, supposed to be 
scary movies 
and all things Tiki and Psych!

This is what I crafted for my pal Lisa who LOVES tea!

This is her towel with others' stitcheries. 
The Bigfoot was customized on everyone's towel by Tara

I'm only giving you a glimpse of this one. 
This towel is for our group's founder.
I'm mailing it to her tomorrow.
It's finished.

I haven't looked at any pictures of my towels 
as they have been posted.
I love a surprise! 

Please check out my friends' blogs that I stealthily linked here. 
They write good stuff!


  1. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! I am So excited to get my lil towel back, to hold it in my hands and pour over it with my own two eyeballz! I LOVE (like, love, love, love!) What you stitched for me, Becky! I adore all the versions you've done of this pattern, it's pretty damn fantastic!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I had fun trying to figure out what to do for everyone.

  2. I'm so excited to have my towel back, too! I think there are just a few more stitches to be done on mine. I have finished yours, Becky, and will sending it off next week (as I have some other things to send to it's recipient)! Yours was my last to stitch!

    1. Wooooooot - I have not known where mine was at all! Can't wait to see my Bigfoot!!!!

  3. I bow to you & your awesome explanation of our fun swap! I can't wait for you to see your towel & I can't wait to see my stitchy gal!!

    1. Erin, I think I typed and re-typed the explanation about 1000 times. :)

  4. Love my towel and your piece on it! You can never go wrong with sharktopus!

  5. Oh, what fun! I used to do swaps, before I had grandchildren. Hopefully, I'll do it again one day. I love how you individualized them. Great going!

  6. Ooh ooh New Zealand, that's me then! Yay! I so love what you have done on each towel. My chair is adorable and soooooo personal!

  7. I can't believe we're a WORLD-WIDE group! We are cool! And the towels looks amazing!


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