Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday! Computers suck.

I have been writing, saving and thinking up new blog entries.

My computer hates me though. 

It's long overdue for a tune - up.

Fingers crossed that my daughter's super smart boyfriend can attend to this on Sunday.

I'm having trouble loading pictures amongst other aggravating factors.

Tomorrow I am headed to Greensboro where I will scoop up my pal, Becky
We're headed to the Queen City - Charlotte, NC.

I've dubbed it the "Becky's Take IKEA Trip."

No boys allowed. 

We plan to shop IKEA and hit a few Thrift Shops in the surrounding area.

 Becky and I always find the best stuff. 
I know you are all jealous of our couture style.

We plan to shop and shop and talk and shop and shop. 
Might eat some foods too.     

Have a super weekend folks!

And if you see us headed your way - 

We are women on a mission!

 See our game faces?

It's on!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Try It Tuesday - Cake for Your Valentine.

Do y'all read Craft Gossip?
Why not?

It's a daily collection of short blogs that encompasses almost every aspect of crafting.
I loves it! 
So many ideas, so little time.

The other day I stumbled across this entry:

Well, I do love my pound cake. 
I think I make a mighty fine one indeed.

But look what Toni Dash of  Boulder Locavore did to her pound cake!

Isn't that pretty?

I just had to make this for BillHubby in honor of Yucky Mushy Stuff Day  
St Valentine's Day.
Neither of us ever make a fuss about this "Hallmark Cards Holiday."
But BillHubby has a sweet tooth.

I used two box cakes mixes.
One Red Velvet and one Devil's Food.

I did stray on one aspect. 
I didn't cut the red cake into slices. 
I used my cookie cutter to cut one 
big ol hunk of heart shaped cake.

 It was awkward.

It worked but I think if I decide to bake this again -
and I probably will - I will invest in one of those heart shaped baking tubes.

BillHubby also thinks a cake isn't done until it is frosted.
I used canned Cream Cheese Frosting.

Happy St Valentine's Day!!