Friday, February 8, 2013

Thrifty Thursday and Fabulous Friday Combo Day

I love shopping.

When one has enough money to provide the essentials it is fun to shop for silly stuff.
I always love bargain shopping!

BillHubby and I keep a running list of things we need and things we want.
I am so glad that we think on similar wavelengths. 

Last week we went out and about on a few missions.

We stopped at a few places in search of the perfect thermos jug so he can take coffee to work. 
The two travel mugs he was using are leaky and 
the second cup was lukewarm by the time he wanted to drink it.

There were stops at Dick's Sporting Goods, Target (Targhet if ya wanna get all fancy) and Orvis.
Can you believe there were no large thermoses at Dick's!? 
I mean it's a Sporting Goods store for heaven's sake! 
C'mon now.

Targhet had good prices.
But I convinced BillHubby to stop at Orvis. 
Orvis has really top of the line quality products. 
The clothes are fantastic.
The gear is reliable.

The prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

Isn't this bowl the cutest? 

This is the best type of squirrel. 
Adorable and non-trouble making.
This bowl would look so at home on a shelf in our home amidst my Raleigh, 
The City of Oaks, acorns and pics, right?

(See how small it is next to my hand?)

Um, yeah, I don't think so. 

(I really can't take him anywhere.)

After we took this picture we were swarmed with attentive sales folk. 
Guess they don't allow playing with the merch.
Stuffed shirts.

The nice lady showed us a Stanley thermos that would meet BillHubby's needs.
It was sturdy.
It was big.
It had a nice cup.

It was $45!

(Yes, that IS my shopping notebook. It's where I keep our running lists)

A few days later.
Picture taken to send to BillHubby so he can choose.
That Stanley, yeah the green one.
Yeah, the exact same one that Orvis was selling for $45.


I still think Orvis merchandise rocks. 
20 years ago I worked in a catalog return store. 
We carried L.L. Bean, J Crew, Orvis, Victoria's Secret and other catalog over run and returned merchandise.

I still have a wonderful Orvis Barn Coat and several J Crew Sweaters and Corduroy shirts. 
Those products have held up to the test of time.

Shopping around either in person or online is the only way to compare prices, products and save money.

BillHubby is happy to report that his new Stanley Thermos is exceeding his expectations in the transport and the keeping hot of his coffee!

Next Week: Local thrift shops that support other organizations and causes.


  1. I have just been considering out small collection of thermal beverage containers as we start gearing up for guests. We normally drink 1 latte each every morning and that's what our little stove top espresso maker will handle and our only "regular coffee" makers are French press so we need a way to keep it hot. I think we won't need to buy one, but we will need to *find* ours.

  2. I do love me a good thermos. You got a winner there, Becky! We have one of those Stanley bottles, it's pretty great.We have this other an old knock-around one that we take to hockey games for post game coffee or cocoa, and that sucker keeps water HOT. It actually will stay very hot for nearly 24 hours, and gradually less so after that, the longest I've ever seen was 3 days and the water was still tepid. I wonder what's in there... nuclear technology, no doubt. Ok, I love that squirrel bowl, but $119?! They're cracked.

  3. *I* think he should have bought that hat!

    Can't believe the price of that bowl. That had to be a mistake, seriously.

    I really like that Thermos. I may have to go to Target and pick one up.

  4. Orvis used to have an outlet store in Salem, VA and it was fabulous! Great prices and goods but the shopping center was sold and the store closed. Now, shopping at Orvis doesn't happen because...the prices! They do have a great return policy though.


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