Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yard Sale Bust

The Yard Sale was a bust.

No customers. 
Holiday Weekend?
 The Stupid Economy?
Not enough advertising?
I dunno.

We're gonna do it again next Saturday.
But in the meantime, 
here are pictures of some of what's for sale.

Ask questions!
Free shipping!

Sewing Machine - Gone!
Scrapbook supplies - gone
Some thread still available

Tablecloths on the right - Gone!

Violet plates - Gone!
          Cat still here -Yay!

Little girl Bootie Nut Bowls  - Gone!

Decanter - Gone!
Pirate Banner - gone

Knitting Books - Gone!

We just got a tornado warning so I'm off to duck and cover!


  1. is that sewing machine for sale? I forgot my mom was going to the beach and I didn't have a sitter for E. I would have brought him, but that would defeat the purpose of me getting out "alone".

  2. Bummer, Becky! Fingers crossed for next weekend! In the meantime, are those tablecloths I see? I'd love to buy those!

  3. Sorry to hear that it didn't go well--hopefully you'll have much more success this weekend! (Also, those gold sandals are great. Though that little Cinderella shoe won't ever fit on my ugly stepsister-sized foot, so I'll save it for someone who can make it work. :)

  4. Hi Becky,

    I'd like to get that styrofoam and some of the thread and maybe a few other craft items. Can I email you to arrange for you to hold it and stop by Saturday to pick it up?

  5. Oh, and all of those pink and green buttons. :)

  6. Absolutely Angela! beckysews[at]hotmail[dot]com

  7. Can you tell me about the honey bun and what types of stitchery things you have? is it patterns or complete kits...like embroidery? Curious. =)


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