Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

 Happy Hallowe'en!!!!

Yes, I am back. Still unpacking. 
Found my camera - took pics of my Hallowe'en mantel and fireplace - lost my camera again. 
It's here somewhere. arrgh!

Bill and Kat and I dressed up last Saturday to attend a Young Cardinals/100 Yorktown show at Raleigh's wonderful Berkeley Cafe.

Here we are pre-show.

Kat helped us with our make-up. But she wouldn't let us take a pick of what turned out to be her prize winning Tin-Woman outfit!

Bill found a random mustache at the show and borrowed it, creating giggle fits all night. Wish I'd been faster with the camera phone to catch the ear hair mustache!

100 Yorktown was completely in the Hallowe'en spirit. My son, Jordan, is the monkey lead singer with 3 of his 4 banana band mates.

When Bill gets home we're gonna curl up and watch scary movies on Turner Classic Movies or these classics sent by my Sister from another Mister, Pam!

Thanks sweetie! I loves Hammer films!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, spooky, 
candy filled night. 
All treats and no tricks!
Love ya,


  1. Looks like a fun time! Happy Halloween!

  2. wowm unpacking......I didn't even realize you guys moved already......looks like y'all had fun

  3. looks like you're having an awesome time!! happy halloween y'all <3

  4. Nice! Love that zombies are all the rage now ~ so fun!

    Hope you're settling in nicely in your new home and that you'll be finished unpacking soon:)


  5. Excellent make-up. But why didn't Bill wear any? Bwahahahaha!


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