Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are having a Yard Sale!

This whole "getting a house ready to sell and we are moving" thing 
is getting to the very last nerves we have!

And after raising two kids I thought my nerves were made of steel 
- no - 
made of titanium. 

Wait - make that


Wolverine by Ciao Cacau

But alas, I am not Wolverine.

Any ways it's his bones, not his nerves, that are made of that indestructible metal.


BillHubby and I have been sorting, packing, debating, lifting, shifting and I never thought I'd really mean it when I said it but  - we really are to old for this crap.

Everything aches. 

I have bruises on my bruises.

My eyelashes even hurt.

Look around our house and you see jumbles where there was once a living room. 

Stacks where we used to sit.

That puddle over there?

That's me.

(Looks like Odo doesn't it? Am I showing my geekyness here?)


Stanley Kitteh and Kitteh Kitteh Lovely are beside themselves.

 Here I think they are plotting an escape.

 Now they are acting as if nothing is going on!

They hide until nightfall when I tumble into bed. 

My mind is whirring at a bajillion miles an hour with checklists, questions and worries.

But by golly, we are having a 2 Day Yard Sale this weekend.

Gotta go make the signs. 

Mmmmm, magic markers.


  1. i bet i want everything! thank god i'm nowhere near you as i'm just trying to get rid of stuff as much as possible, but oh oh oh, when i think of the treasure trove that must be a bps yard sale. sigh...

  2. Oh you poor thing! I'm a hurtin' just reading this post! Hang in there lady ~ we're rooting for you!



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