Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - August Edition

Where have I been?

Lottsa changes going on 'round here folks.
Bill's new position at North Carolina State University has prompted us to make some tough but wonderful changes.

We are selling the house and moving to Raleigh!
This will be the third state Capital city in which I have lived! I love living in historical surroundings. 

Buh-bye to the 45 minute one way commute.
So long to over $250 a month for gasoline.
See ya later being stuck at home cause 
we just have one car.

Hello Big City of The Oaks!
Greetings 20 minute drive to work.
Welcome sidewalks, walkable neighborhood and 
I can walk there shopping centers. 
And city buses. 
I like buses.

The PODS unit is in the yard. 
It's nice to be able to fill it at my own (slow) speed. 
We are planning a big indoor/outdoor yard sale for the last weekend in August.

I am going through every thing with a 
critical set of eyes. 
I am trying to be ruthless. 
If I haven't looked at it/forgot I even had it/what was I thinking, then it's outta here.

Lots of crafty books.
I would love to share them with you.
I have created another page here with the list  
and instructions.

If you see something you NEED ;)
All I ask is for you to message me - 
beckysews [at]hotmail[dot]com
and I'll tell you how much the postage will be. 

That's it - pay the postage and you have new crafty books for your enjoyment.

The list will change as books are shared and as I go through another room.

As promised on facebook - here are the before and after pics of my Clemson University roommate, 
Dr. Cindy, and me! 

She came down to visit from 
Academia in Virginia.
We had a blast talking, eating (twice at Virlie's!), talking, shopping and talking!

Here we are when living in Columbia, SC
30 years ago
Toasting our friends with a tall cold glass of be- I mean, apple juice, yeah, apple juice!

 And here we are just a few weeks ago.
In Pittsboro, NC
Toasting our friends with little glasses of wi- errrm, 
Haven't changed a bit have we?

 Off to pack boxes and find more treasure to sell.
 Wish me luck!


  1. I lol at your captions beneath the pics. You two haven't changed a bit! Good luck with your move. Going to check out those books. Thanks for sharing!:-)

  2. The poses and smiles are almost identical. Visits and memories are great! Good luck on your move. I'm off to check out the books. I've been missing your posts.

  3. i'm going to miss having you close - but raleigh ain't so far! i'm excited for your new lifestyle and thrifting opportunities!! am also more than happy to help you clear your house!!! just holler when you need a hand dearie!! xxooo

  4. Woo hoo! So excited for you and Billhubs ~ how exciting! Good for us followers too as we'll be itching to hear all about your new digs (pix too, of course). Wishing you and hubs nothing but wild success with everything!

    And you and your friend are both still gorg! Nothing better than catching up with long-time friends, right?


  5. I always said if I lived in a neighborhood with sidewalks I'd walk more. Not sure if I really would, but I hope I might. No books for me, but how nice of you to share them. I'll just take the fabric, I really shouldn't pack that POD with fabric, ya know? haha

  6. Adorable photos! You have to scrapbook them or something!

    Hope you are doing ok with the move, especially with the terrible weather on the East Coast.

  7. you are prettier, you have the same smiles.


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