Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday June 30, 2011

 Yesterday, my pal Anne and I went a-thrifting around P-Town. 
That's Pittsboro for the un-hip ;)

I went hog wild in the Habitat Re-Store!
I spent a whopping $27!

Check out these.
The Kitten kit has been started but the violets are not. The Contessa pattern in the middle is for an adult sized smocked yoke night gown. I haven't smocked (English Style thank you) since Kat was about 3!

I know my EFU folks will love this kit. 
Every thing needed to finish it is in the baggie - even the needle! (Dru!)

I also nabbed a bag of polyfill, 6 yards of pink gingham, a wire basket, a wooden hoop, a couple of clock kit parts, a big Blue Cornflower casserole and that little Pyrex-y loaf pan was screaming "Becky!!!" (Right BW?)

We then had a relaxing lunch at Virlie's.  I could eat every meal there every day! 
It's that good.

Scored these way cool shoes at Second Bloom, the thrift shop that helps support the Chatham County Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center.
Now I gotta make a dress to wear with the shoes!
The art (eye) is one Kat drew today.

We checked out a brand new store in P-Town, Reclamation Home Furnishings!
 I lusted over a big blue sofa.
Check out owner Elyse's slide show for some of the cool stuff there!

Last but not least, we wandered to a down the way neighbor's house to check out a 1950's Frigidaire oven.

Not sure about the oven yet - I need to google the model number to make sure I can replace the parts as needed.

But I did score these album for $1.25 each!
Um, what color were Elvis' eyes? cause I see blue and I see brown?
And what's not to love about Nancy Sinatra sittin on a double decker bus wearin BOOTS!

And well, the Batman album speaks for itself!

What have you found lately?


  1. GREAT scores there BPS! And yes, isn't it interesting how many Pyrex dishes are sitting on the shelves of thrifts, vintages and antiques calling the name 'Becky'?
    I love the kitty-Kat kit, all the Elvis and that Nancy Sinatra is a sweet find!
    Where's the big blue sofa?

  2. You totally scored! I'm super jealous of the Elvis and Nancy Sinatra!

  3. Quite the haul, Becky! Good on ya;)

    Hope you have a happy 4th!


  4. Holy hell, nice! I LOVE Batman!

  5. Awesome score yet again! I haven't been thrifting in forever!

  6. Ooo! I love your haul! I wish I could go to an estate sale or thrift store but I'm still under a self-imposed ban until I can organize the stuff I have!

    Happy 4th!


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