Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I haz the upset tummies but I wanted to gloat, um I mean, show you some of my recent Thrift Shopping scores.

  Picked up for $6 in Raleigh when out thrifting with the multi-talented Amanda Irvin. She is a graphic artist and jewelry maker and fiber artist - Her etsy shop is Sprockets and Lockets.

 This is now hanging in our kitchen where Bill Hubby gets many kisses for being the cook! Found this for less than $1 when out with Becky Wagner. She has been stitching up a storm! Go see!

 Out and about in Pittsboro with Drucilla Pettibone, who has one etsy shop brimming with glorious hand spun yarny goodness and another full of vintage yumminess, we hit upon a couple of Habitat Re-Store bargains. The teeny little planter is now home to a teeny little cedar. I have visions of Bonsai.

 And at the PTA Thrift Shop I found a complete out fit for less than $10. 
Shorts are L.L. Bean! Nice comfy linen too. 
Bill always gets a prize when I go out - framed Ben Franklin "Beer" quote. 

That queen size sheet keeps arguing with itself. It says sundress, then it says, no, I'm an apron or three. Breaking up a fight with a queen size sheet is tiresome. I tucked her away til she makes up my her mind.

 And at the other Habitat Re-Store (yes, we have 2! One for home goods and one for Building your home goods!) I found these stitcheries stuffs. I'm keeping the bird, pattern, and cross-stitch border. The ducks, elephant, and tiny stitched items are up for grabs. Free. Anyone?

 First I was all dumb about this one with "Is this an arrow head? Why?" 
D'oh! It's a Christmas Tree!

I adore this Carolina Wren perched on the Yellow Jasmine. South Carolina's state bird right? Is jasmine the SC state flower?

It's dirty but I just bought a pound of this stuff - Retro Clean. The package says "Safely Brings Age-Stained Textiles Back to Life."

Has anyone else tried it? I'll give it a whirl and let ya know how it works.

Back to my sewing machine. 
Tomorrow my friend Anne and I are off to my home town* of Wilkesboro, NC to set up a booth at the 3rd Friday Farmers Market!

(*Okay, I am from North Wilkesboro, but we are talking twin towns separated by a mere few yards known as the Yadkin River!)


  1. "Breaking up a fight with a queen size sheet is tiresome." Ah, you just made my day! Nice to know I am not the only one who has conversations with inanimate objects. ♥

    Nice finds, btw! :-)

  2. Ooh hello, I like that elefant!
    Sweet finds, BPS..I am proud of you! I definitely think that sheet should be a sundress...that would be so pretty.

  3. You totally scored! I love everything. I hope you are feeling better sweetie. Lots of love to ya

  4. What a haul! The duckies are very cute!

  5. Hope you're feeling better by now or at least before your trip home:) Good finds ~ I'm jeal of the floral embroidery and the Christmas tree stitchery (you could incorporate that into on heck of a pretty apron!).

    Have fun this weekend:

  6. Great finds Becky!! I love that sheet, you'll have to let us know what it ends up being. A dress would be great, but aprons, argh! The argument continues! I also really dig the beer stitchy for Bill, what a lucky dude! I love show & tell, so fun!

  7. gloater! well i'm in reno and found some bomb crap!

  8. how awesome are your finds.....i'd love to see that fight with the queen size sheet

  9. GREAT finds! I'm thinking sundress....just say'n.


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