Friday, June 10, 2011

Finished It Friday!

 Happy Friday Folks!!!!

One of my friends (Dru) fussed at me this week to post what I have been working on. 
So here's some Finished It Friday Fun!

 This is now finished
and framed!
How do you like my Faux Bois matt? 
Brown paper bag and magic markers.

Go see her etsy shop - Bombastitch
This beauty is on BillHubby's new shirt. 
Will get him to model it soon ( I hope)

 Sorry this pic is so dark. 
Finished one of a set of stamped pillowcases.
Kat Daughter wants me to make the other for her in pinks.
 I love, love, love the bee!

 Wedding gift
 is finished.

 TarHeel baby blanket
 His name shall be Henri! 
Pronounced "henree" not "on ree."
 Flannel cowboys on the back
 Happy Mommy to be. 

Don't forget
Just in time for Dad's Day, Graduations, Weddings and Summer Cook-out Fun. 
 I am offering free shipping in my etsy shop, 
now through next Wednesday, June 15th. 
Just use coupon code SMS2011
or use 10OffSMS 2011 for 10% off your total purchase.

I am happy to discuss custom orders too!

Machine embroidered monograms or 
first names are available.
Just $5! 
That's cheaper than the famous catalogues and most stores!

BillHubby and I will be in Durham, NC participating in Duke Homestead's Herb, Garden and Craft Fair tomorrow, Saturday, June 11th, 10am - 4 pm.
Stop by and visit with us.


  1. umm blogger just ate my comment!! what i was saying was FRACK you have been doing a lot of stitching and it's about time you shared!! i'm amazed!! i lovelovelove the quilt. and really want to see billhubby's entire miss zombie shirt (you can cut off his head, that's appropriate!!)

  2. You are so rockin'! Everything is AWE-SOME!

  3. Holy crap you have been busy! Everything looks so awesome!!

  4. Thank you Dears! I made that blanket in record time. I think it's a bit wonky but Mommy to be loved it!

  5. The pillowcase is lovely! Love the baby blankie! Everything is wonderful!


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