Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weedy Wednesday

 Welcome to Weedy Wednesday!
I took a trip around my garden. 
Come along.

Just outside the fence on the partial rock wall. 

But who is that I spy?

Stanley spies him too.

Check out those claws!

 It's Mr. Red Eared Slider Turtle.

 Here's what Mr. Turtle was checking out.
 West End of the Garden

Kentucky Wonder Runner Beans


 East End of the Garden.

 By the front porch. Planted 5 years ago!

Bye- bye Mr. Turtle. 
Slide on back to the creek.

Come back Friday for Finished it Friday! 
 Many projects finally completed and gifted!


  1. Loving it! I hope the turtle made it back to safety. Your hosta is HUGE! I can't wait to see all the veggies come up.

  2. What a handsome turtle! Can you ask him to come back next time I visit? How lovely.

  3. Yay for wildlife visitors! He's so cute :)

  4. How fun!! Even if the claws were a little scary! The only visitors I get lately are itty bitty frogs, ribbit! Looks like you're going to have quite the garden this summer Becky!

  5. Your garden's comin' right along, Becky! Thanks for sharing your progress:)

  6. What a beautiful turtle! Your garden looks great!


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