Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Saturday

As if Thursday and Friday weren't filled with enough excitement!
I was out the door again with my pal Anne to Rising Meadow Farm for 
their annual Shearing Day.

 Rising Meadow is a beautiful sheep farm nestled in the middle of North Carolina.
Some of these sheep have already been sheared. The rest are waiting their turn.

 Not a great pic - sorry.
This guy is a Master at shearing. He uses clippers and his left hand even though he is right handed.
We were amazed at his speed!

 This is Emily. She has been hand clipper shearing for 2 years and is as fast as her mentor!

This is the fleece once clipped. Natural wool is so very luxurious! The natural lanolins remain and coat one's hands as you card, spin and use the yarn.

 This is a llama 
(or an Alpaca - I can't tell the difference.)
They serve as guards for the sheep. I've been told the coyotes are more scared of them than of the dogs. 

5 years ago when on a Field Trip to this farm we got to meet the animals up close and the llamas were very kissy face with us.
No, they do not spit in your eyes and blind you!
Unless you attack one.

 Anne and I were windblown and a bit chilly so we left the farm and headed for lunch and thrift shopping!

We ventured into Asheboro, NC where there are a couple of amazing antique/junque shops in their Downtown. But we opted for the Salvation Army store, Goodwill and Christians United Outreach Center.

Here are the books I found.

Here are the crafty kits I bought.

And my Fave find of the day -

For those surprises I mentioned yesterday.
Jordan received a turn table for Christmas and has been amassing quite an impressive collection of vinyl. I found this gem in Raleigh and can't wait to see his face when he sees it. He LOVES "Safety Dance."
The Wake Forest mugs are for Kat and me.

And for my sweet BillHubby who loves to photograph interesting buildings and southern history in decay - a bank.  This is from the late 60's and small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand.


  1. Great, just great! No I have "s.s.s.s. a.a.a.a.f.f.f.g.e.e.e.e.t.t.t.t.y.y.y.y." running through my brain! Hahahaha:)

  2. sheep, shmeep!! i am in awe of your mad thrifting skillz!

  3. WOW! That sheep shearing looks amazing! I have always wanted to see something like that first hand!


  4. I remember the Hardee's they had in Stillwater, Oklahoma when I was little. I loved that place, I guess the Texas version is Arby's. Yum, roastbeef!


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