Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Have You Been Doing?

I have days that I feel as if I have been so busy but that produce little in the way of "getting things done."
How about you?

I often find myself doing what I want to do rather than what I "need" to be doing.

Lately I have been re-inspired to embroider and cross-stitch.

It is so much more fun than doing the laundry or dusting.

I made this one up.
It's a fire in honor of our first ever Fire-Pit party back in December.
I'll show you when it's finished.

This is a Kristy Kizzee design. I won
Zombie Cross-Stitch kit by Erika Kern and Kristy Kizzee!
I'm stitching it with waste canvas on black fabric that will soon (hopefully) be a shirt for BillHubby.
I'm taking poetic license with the colors. I just started stitching again and didn't have all the absolute exact DMC flosses. And there's no way BillHubby is goin around 
with a blonde on his shirt!

The last couple of weeks have been stressful so I escaped into an old habit.
Backtracking a wee bit - in First Grade I determined that my crayons at school and those of my best friend should be arranged thusly - yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, green, brown and black.

I do not know why. 
I still arrange things in this order.
Since 1964!

Anyway, my doodles are most often a design surrounded by progressively bigger outlines of said doodle. If I use crayons or colored pencils or markers I always start with yellow and so on. (Oh please, someone analyze this for me!)

So this flower was born.
When I finished it the other day I felt so happy and cleansed of all 
that had been plaguing my brain.

I leave you with, as Jon Stewart says, 
"your moment of zen." 
Is there anything more peaceful than tired kittehs curled up for a nap?
Kitteh Kitteh Lovey and Stanley

P.S. Coming soon! Blogiversary and new etsy shop items!

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  1. What have I been doing? Well lady, one word: packing!

  2. Love the kittehs and I've been really enjoying looking at your latest stitchins'.Sorry things have been stressful :(

  3. Stabbing, oh, I mean stichin' is great stress relief! Hope you're feeling more relaxed now:)

  4. All of this stitching is so cute! I have been trying to catch up since I was out of town for a week. It's insane! So tired!

  5. Hi Becky! I love your flower and fire embroidery. I used to do it a lot, but have not for years. I'd like to do some more really nice "pictures" that I can frame. My problem is I've hardly ever felt confident enough to design my own and I can never find embroidery patterns..I only find cross stitch. Maybe after I finish the crochet curtains I am working on now!
    Peace, Stephanie

  6. Heehee, the zombie beauty queen cracks me up!

  7. Great work! You have accomplished a lot! I've just been nursing the flu, but hopefully I can move on to something more fun!


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