Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh it's Saturday, it's Saturday

High nigh nonnie and a hah cha cha!

Growing up we watched "Fred Kirby's Little Rascals" every Sunday after church.  It was on Charlotte, NC's CBS affiliate WBTV, Channel 3.  The host, Fred Kirby, was a singing cowboy!  When he wasn't yodeling a tune with his sidekick, Uncle Jim (Patterson,) we were treated to episodes of Our Gang and Little Rascals.  Mr. Kirby was also a fixture - an ambassador, if you will - at Tweetsie Railroad near Boone, NC where he served as "Town" Marshall for many years.

My brother and I loved the Little Rascals.  Those escapades provided entertainment and lots of one liners for our amusement.  I still sing Spanky's Saturday song. I giggle and growl Uncle George's "yum-yum! eat 'em up!" when I see sweet treats.

Here the kids hide from Uncle George cause as Stymie said, "[they] don't want no wild man nibblings on [them!]" 
I can watch these today and still laugh so hard!  

Like I'm a kid again.  


On Saturday.
Nothing much to do.

Any one else Love the Little Rascals?

Can you choose a favorite Rascal or episode?

Friday, March 19, 2010

A March Madness VTT

At our house it's that most wonderful time of the year!

It is NCAA March Madness time!!!

Well, okay, not so wonderful for Hubby Bill.  His TarHeels are only in the NIT. (National Invitational Tournament - where they send the teams not good enough to make the big dance but popular enough to make the venues a boat load of money.) heehee

I was raised a Wake Forest Demon Deacon Fan.  For most of my 50 years the athletic teams have been, um, less than stellar? Yeah, that's a nice way to say it.

TONIGHT, Wake Forest beat the much higher ranked Texas with a buzzer beater at the end of Overtime!!!!  Yeah, that banshee scream you heard?  That was me!  I jumped outta my chair and I think I pulled a few major muscles as I jumped around hollerin!

I have owned this banner since 1964 I think.  Pretty sure Daddy bought it for me at my first ever Wake Forest football game at the old Bowman Gray stadium in Winston-Salem, NC.

It has proudly been displayed every where I have ever lived.   Including my dorm room at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.  The Tigers' basketball team plays tomorrow.  I pull for both school with equal passion.
Now I need to go get some ibupropen and ice for my "injuries."  Y'all go check out the rest of the VTT goodies over at Suzanne's blog, Colorado Lady.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winners! Winners!

Oh! The Love! that has been landing on my bloggie posts!  

Thank you!
Thank you old followers!
Thank you new followers!
Thank you button grabbers!
Thank you prize pickers!

I hope you will come back and see me as often as you can!
I have enjoyed your comments, e-mails and all the secrets shared!
This has been an interesting year and I cherish you who have become my "virtual" and real-life friends.

Now for the winners of all my Give Aways!
 Silly me did all the Random Number Generating and did not save a screen shot of the numbers - Doh!

The $40 gift Certificate to CSN Stores featured in Boston Terrier Love and a Giveaway!! is  #45 
Anne J said... I have your button,
Anne added my button to her lovely Upstate Ramblings blog. She wants some new cake pans so I am gonna be looking for a cake in the mail soon. hehee
For a few hours I thought that maybe I was in trouble over the 
VTT Sewing Books and a Give Away.  I received a cryptic "Please call me" e-mail from none other than
Turns out all is well after I did a wee bit of clarifying. I am giving away the books that I won in another contest since I already have the 3 that she graciously autographed when Hubby Bill and I met her in Greensboro, NC.  She even posted about my little Give Away on her FaceBook page!  See, I told you she is a sweetie!

Once again - totally borrowing from my Domesticity Idol, I used a Random Human Number Generator to choose the winner of all 3 of EllynAnne's books.

Well, he's not really all that random.  It's Hubby Bill, who by virtue of being the only other Human here, was given the honor of choosing 
Sarah said...
Those books are great! I love vintage and sewing. :-) I have two favorites, Ali Edwards A Designer's Eye (scrapbooking) and Tilda's Sew Pretty Homestyle.
Stephanie said...
extra entry # 2; I got your button!! Peace, Stephanie
Stephanie and I "met" recently through our blogs and discovered that we only live about 20-30 minutes apart.  We have a Thrifting Spree planned for "soon."
Stephanie wins100 4x6 postcards from my one and only wonderful sponsor UPrinting!
Go check 'em out for inexpensive but very excellent printing! 
Finally,  the winners of Quick Give away announcement!
Yeppers, I said winners! As in more than one.  I made all these bags and aprons.  I love sharing with all of you!!
Of the 6 lovelies that would choose "Springtime" the winner is #1,
Mindy said... Springtime purse! Love that green.
Everyone loves that green! 
4 wonderful readers would have chosen Birds and Stripes but the winner is #4,
michelle said... Bird and stripes! Love them!
 Only one of you was interested in my  "Mommy's Helper" apron.
Mama Lusco said... I'd love the Mommy's Helper Apron. How cool that it's reversible!
Sorta of funny cause she won an apron from me last year during Sew, Mama, Sew's mega Give Away!
So there you have it.
One year of blogging fun for me.  Hope it has been fun for you too.
I will e-mail all the winners.
Here's to more years of blogging fun and new friends!! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Give away announcement!

I have no clue where today has gone?!  I've been busy but if you looked around you couldn't tell.

So quickly, for my next to last Blogiversary Give Away I present a choice.  You will decide which prize you would rather have.

First, you must choose a category -
purse with extras inside or apron with co-ordinated towels.

Second - If you choose purse
I would like for you to pick which one of these reversible bags you prefer -



"Birds and Stripes"

If you choose the Apron Category
Please choose which reversible apron you prefer

"Mommy's Helpers"

 A reversible St Patrick's Spring apron.
(Sorry no pics yet cause I am in a hurry!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Give Away and Give Aways Around Blog Land.

I am back for another Blogiversary Give Away!

But first, a few words about other Give Aways!

Cinde, at The Freebie Fairy, has Give Aways and Product reviews.  Currently she has a $25 Kroger shopping card to give away.  Hurry because this one ends this Wednesday, March 10th at 7pm PST (That's 10pm EST)

Cinde also has a Gluten-free blog where she shares what she has learned about the gluten free life style since her daughter's diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  There are also product reviews, give aways and recipes there!

Some of you may have wandered over here from Simply Stacie.  This spunky Canadian has multiple Give Aways every day!  She writes excellent product reviews and will post your Give away - provided you get it to her in time.


Call me crazy but some days I think every Mom in Utah has a blog!  And I love reading all that I have found!!  Maybe I find so many because we have much in common?
My Give Away Today is just one of those sites.  There's a great Give Away every week day and a couple that stretch over the weekend. 

Have you seen this little bunny when you visited online fabric shops? is a wonderful resource for all your stitching and fabric needs. 
They sponsor the Fab Shop Hop which guides you on a visit of many, many independently owned online shops.  (Many have brick and mortar stores too.) You "hop" and find the bunny after a couple of clicks, register to win and find lots of great fabrics too!! is also a proud sponsor of

And last but not least, my friend Angie, over at Mama Lusco Handmade, is having a Little Giveaway.
Be sure to read her blog - it's fun and check out her shops at Shop Handmade, Artfire and etsy too.

Finally, my Give Away.  
My Blogiversary is this Saturday, March 13th. 

My one, only and most wonderful sponsor is UPrinting.  
They are online printers who offer a full range of business and personal use printed matter. I got my business cards from them and this giveaway of 100 4x6 postcards looks great! 
Yes!  They print postcards! These cards will be printed on
14pt Cardstock Gloss Paper Stock in Full Color Both Sides with a 3 Business Days Turnaround for delivery.
Also included is FREE UPS Ground Shipping! Sorry this one is Limited to US Residents only.

Recipe Cards, Thank you cards, Invitations, and much more… What better to use for these than these postcard prints? From marketing materials to personal invitations, postcards have developed from the rather plain and boring.  Design them to your heart’s content and be as creative as you can be.

How may you win you ask?

Enter another Give Away or contest online. Then leave me a comment telling me which one you entered.  I would love it if you chose one that I told you about above but feel free to enter anywhere on the interwebs!  There are bajillions out there!
Easy huh?

Extra entries - Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry. Thank you.

  • #1  Follow my Blog or remind me that you already follow me.
  • #2  Grab my button for your blog or remind me that you did that already. 
  • #3  Blog about this giveaway then come back and tell me with a link.

All Blogiversary Give Aways will end Saturday, March 13th at midnight EST.
I will draw a name on Sunday, March 14th and announce the winners!

Make sure I have your e-mail so I can let you know you won!!!
These are still open:

Stay tuned because I have 2 more Give Aways planned!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

VTT Sewing Books and a Give Away

Happy VTT!!!  Be sure to go to Suzanne's ColoradoLady blog for more VTT goodies!

I am having a 2 week celebration of my Blogiversary!  It's March 13th.  More on that later.

I have books.  Bills has books. We have books.

We can actually read. 

I love collecting practical books and have some really neato sewing books.

From 1960
Dig the sewing corner featured within........



1957 and 1955

Assorted Booklets from the 50's and 60's



From inside
"Selecting becoming colors as they do in Paris"

Evidently they did it different in 1920's France!

Besides being bookshelf dust collectors eye candy, I find myself referring to these books for instruction, inspiration and of coarse, to select becoming colors in the Parisian way!

Back to my Blogiversary.

I have met so many wonderful folks via blog writing and reading.  I have learned so much about  sewing, knitting and life from you, my Blogisphere friends.

I must share more than my ramblings.  I am having several Give Aways leading up to my March 13th Blogiversary

The first one is posted here where you may read a bit about my Boston Terrier obsession and how to win that prize.
Today, because I love sewing books so much I want to share some with you.

Yep, all 3 of EllynAnne Geisel's wonderful books!  I borrowed the pics from her blog site -  Apron Memories.  I love this woman!  And after meeting a year or so ago I can tell you she is every bit as sweet, gracious and southern as her writing indicates.

How may you win you ask?

Leave a comment here telling me the name of your favorite sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting or creative type book.
Easy huh?

Extra entries - Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry. Thank you.

  • #1  Follow my Blog or remind me that you already follow me.
  • #2  Grab my button for your blog or remind me that you did that already.

You have until my Blogiversary, Saturday, March 13th, Midnight Eastern Standard Time to enter.  I will draw a name on Sunday, March 14th and announce the winner!

Make sure I have your e-mail so I can let you know you won!!!

Stay tuned because I have more Give Aways planned!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boston Terrier Love and a Giveaway!!


Most of you know, we are owned by Petey the Boston Terrier.
He has owned me for nearly 13 years.  As you can imagine I have collected many a Boston Terrier knick knack valuable junque item.

Recently, CSN Stores contacted me.  This outfit has 200+ stores!!!!  They sell barstools and all sorts of Furniture, Home Decor, Housewares, Outdoor Stuff (grills to games to furniture,) Baby and Kid stuff,  Shoes, Bags and Luggage, Health and Fitness things, Pet supplies and goodies and Office and School supplies!  Seriously, I still haven't looked at every store.  There is soooooo much stuff!

The nice folks at CSN like my blog. They gave me a couple of exciting and fun options. I could have an item to review or I could have a giveaway.  Welllll, I had never shopped with CSN before. I knew little about them.  I proposed a compromise so that I could honestly evaluate their services and give you, my sweet readers, a prize too.  Could I would review a product and have a Give Away? 
Why yes, you may!

Let me tell ya, I spent hours looking at the fabulous products they carry in their stores.  All of it was great looking and reasonably priced too.  I decided to treat myself to this little guy!
He's a Boston Terrier puppy and he's Purple!!  
How could I pass him up?

I placed my order and swift as a European Swallow (or was it an African Swallow? Laden or unladen? But I digress.)  This sweet pillow was delivered fast!  Safely packed and on my doorstep in a matter of days.
I took him around to meet my other precious stuffed animals and dollies.
Here he is with Jordan's Bear. Bear was Jordan's constant companion for many a year since 25 years ago.  Bear is hoping to be passed to a Grand son but for now he is chillin with the precious Build-a-Bear that Kat gave me.  They both think this "Petey" pillow is cute and that his color is a perfect blend for the bedroom.

Petey The Pillow (as I have named him) decided that sitting with the ladies is where he wants to be.  There are many more adorable, petite pillows in this collection.  You could create a whole menagerie!

And if all my ramblings aren't enough fun this gets funner!  
(Yeah, I said "funner.")

I have a $40 "Shopping Spree" to award to one of you, my wonderful readers.  You can use it in any of CSN's 200+ stores online(They also accept all the major credit cards and PayPal plus a couple of "Bill Me later options" if you want to spend a little more.)

How may you win you ask?

Leave a comment on this blog.
Easy huh?

Extra entries - Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry. Thank you.

  • #1 Go to CSN Stores for a look around. 
Come back here and tell me what you would use your $40 to purchase.

  • #2 Follow my Blog or remind me that you already follow me.
  • #3 Tell a friend about this giveaway.  Ask them to comment that you sent them here.  You'll get an extra entry.  And if they become a follower of my blog - you get another entry.
  • #4 Grab my button for your blog.

    You have until my Blogiversary, Saturday, March 13th, Midnight Eastern Standard Time to enter.  I will draw a name on Sunday, March 14th and announce the winner!

    Stay tuned because I have all kinds of Give Aways planned for my One Year Blogiversay!

    Now I think I'll join Petey the Boston Terrier in his favorite activity.