Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh it's Saturday, it's Saturday

High nigh nonnie and a hah cha cha!

Growing up we watched "Fred Kirby's Little Rascals" every Sunday after church.  It was on Charlotte, NC's CBS affiliate WBTV, Channel 3.  The host, Fred Kirby, was a singing cowboy!  When he wasn't yodeling a tune with his sidekick, Uncle Jim (Patterson,) we were treated to episodes of Our Gang and Little Rascals.  Mr. Kirby was also a fixture - an ambassador, if you will - at Tweetsie Railroad near Boone, NC where he served as "Town" Marshall for many years.

My brother and I loved the Little Rascals.  Those escapades provided entertainment and lots of one liners for our amusement.  I still sing Spanky's Saturday song. I giggle and growl Uncle George's "yum-yum! eat 'em up!" when I see sweet treats.

Here the kids hide from Uncle George cause as Stymie said, "[they] don't want no wild man nibblings on [them!]" 
I can watch these today and still laugh so hard!  

Like I'm a kid again.  


On Saturday.
Nothing much to do.

Any one else Love the Little Rascals?

Can you choose a favorite Rascal or episode?


  1. Okay, where did you grow up in Charlotte, cause I lived there around the same time you would have been in high school-how CRAZY! Also, I use to love Tweetsie Railroad when I was a little kid, we would go there and Blowing Rock every summer.

    As for my favorite Little Rascals-it would be the one where they decide to be pirates. I can quote that whole episode.

  2. I grew up in North Wilkesboro. WBTV was the station we picked up bestest with the old rotary antenae. But we had many relatives in the Queen City.

    Last time we went to Tweetsie I was old enough to flirt with the Cowboys and Indians. heehee My baby sister was 6 and I'm ten years older. I think y'all are the same age.

    Pirates ep is awesome!

  3. YOU are the little rascal~~~~ Thanks so much for the UNC book~~ You are a sweetie~~ I will surely be putting a couple of those on my to-do list~~~ btw, sorry to hear about the big fire in P'boro....Thanks again~~~

  4. Love me some Spanky! However, the one episode that sticks out in my memory is Alfalfa singing The Barber of Seville (spelling?)

  5. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and The Little Rascals was a Saturday morning tradition. Alfalfa was my favorite. My favorite episode is about the teacher Miss Crabtree and the first day of school. I never tire of it.

    Thanks for the memories!

  6. My mother loved the Little Rascals!
    Thanks for coming over to join in my Blogoversary celebration with me! I think it's wonderful that you want to learn to tat! Good luck in the drawing to you! This is a good book and I have heard good feed back from newbies about it!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. Alfalfa! My oldest daughter had an alfalfa last summer thanks to a kindergarden friend, so that became her nickname. It's finally grown out enough that it's no longer noticable :) I'm loving your fun comments on my blog. Thanks for stopping by and I'm no skinny minny - just kept my curves despite the extra 40 lbs :)

  8. I never really watched them....but I did like the dog! ha


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