Friday, March 19, 2010

A March Madness VTT

At our house it's that most wonderful time of the year!

It is NCAA March Madness time!!!

Well, okay, not so wonderful for Hubby Bill.  His TarHeels are only in the NIT. (National Invitational Tournament - where they send the teams not good enough to make the big dance but popular enough to make the venues a boat load of money.) heehee

I was raised a Wake Forest Demon Deacon Fan.  For most of my 50 years the athletic teams have been, um, less than stellar? Yeah, that's a nice way to say it.

TONIGHT, Wake Forest beat the much higher ranked Texas with a buzzer beater at the end of Overtime!!!!  Yeah, that banshee scream you heard?  That was me!  I jumped outta my chair and I think I pulled a few major muscles as I jumped around hollerin!

I have owned this banner since 1964 I think.  Pretty sure Daddy bought it for me at my first ever Wake Forest football game at the old Bowman Gray stadium in Winston-Salem, NC.

It has proudly been displayed every where I have ever lived.   Including my dorm room at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.  The Tigers' basketball team plays tomorrow.  I pull for both school with equal passion.
Now I need to go get some ibupropen and ice for my "injuries."  Y'all go check out the rest of the VTT goodies over at Suzanne's blog, Colorado Lady.



  1. 50 years? Really, I seriously thought you were my age.

  2. Okay, I'll forgive you about the Tarheels this time cause they stink this year and I like Wake. Anyone but Duke or State. Seriously!

  3. Let's go, Duke! My daughter is a graduate!

  4. Unbelievable game last night! Our son is a Wake graduate, and I fell in love with the school during his time there. I am a native Texan, but not necessarily a UT fan! My husband is a Duke graduate, so ACC Basketball and March Madness is a main event around our house!
    Go Deacs!

  5. My father in law is the same way....loving his basketball....I love how you kept your pennant. Have a great weekend, and thanks for linking in to VTT!

  6. Guess who won the coffee and mug at NotQuiteJuneCleaver! Yep you did!!! YAY! I need your address so I can get it out to you!

  7. Hi Becky,
    I was just reading my comments and saw yours where you really liked the rooster embroidery patterns. And you had wondered how to get some chicken scratch/gingham stitch patterns. The rooster packages are not complete sets..but maybe we can take both to make one pattern and I will be happy to scan them in and email them to you. For the other patterns..I have so many,tell me which or the kind of stitch you want..either the plain gingham stitch or the chicken scratch, and I will find you a pattern that you might like. There is already a lot of patterns on my blog..look under the can either run one off that way or I can scan one in and email to you. Somewhere,I think there is even a chicken scratch rooster in my collection..and I'll be happy to share.
    My email is: ... CC

  8. Hi,

    I really like it how you have kept and displayed your banner all these years! Hope you had a great weekend! Peace, Stephanie

  9. What a fun VT! Thanks for sharing:)
    I went to the Univ of South Carolina so we are rivals! I don't keep up with sports so it shouldn't be that much of an issue (haha!). So, you asked about Ornamentea in Raleigh. She sells mostly beads and jewelry making supplies and I consign little vintage pieces to her. This week, I plan on mailing her vintage French postcards, vintage cigarette papers, old French twine, and a few other bits and baubles I picked up in Paris. Earlier this year, I sent some Murano glass crosses to her. I've held several trunk shows there and have always enjoyed them. So, all this to say Ornamentea is a fun place to look and browse, especially if you're a crafter.


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