Thursday, March 4, 2010

VTT Sewing Books and a Give Away

Happy VTT!!!  Be sure to go to Suzanne's ColoradoLady blog for more VTT goodies!

I am having a 2 week celebration of my Blogiversary!  It's March 13th.  More on that later.

I have books.  Bills has books. We have books.

We can actually read. 

I love collecting practical books and have some really neato sewing books.

From 1960
Dig the sewing corner featured within........



1957 and 1955

Assorted Booklets from the 50's and 60's



From inside
"Selecting becoming colors as they do in Paris"

Evidently they did it different in 1920's France!

Besides being bookshelf dust collectors eye candy, I find myself referring to these books for instruction, inspiration and of coarse, to select becoming colors in the Parisian way!

Back to my Blogiversary.

I have met so many wonderful folks via blog writing and reading.  I have learned so much about  sewing, knitting and life from you, my Blogisphere friends.

I must share more than my ramblings.  I am having several Give Aways leading up to my March 13th Blogiversary

The first one is posted here where you may read a bit about my Boston Terrier obsession and how to win that prize.
Today, because I love sewing books so much I want to share some with you.

Yep, all 3 of EllynAnne Geisel's wonderful books!  I borrowed the pics from her blog site -  Apron Memories.  I love this woman!  And after meeting a year or so ago I can tell you she is every bit as sweet, gracious and southern as her writing indicates.

How may you win you ask?

Leave a comment here telling me the name of your favorite sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting or creative type book.
Easy huh?

Extra entries - Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry. Thank you.

  • #1  Follow my Blog or remind me that you already follow me.
  • #2  Grab my button for your blog or remind me that you did that already.

You have until my Blogiversary, Saturday, March 13th, Midnight Eastern Standard Time to enter.  I will draw a name on Sunday, March 14th and announce the winner!

Make sure I have your e-mail so I can let you know you won!!!

Stay tuned because I have more Give Aways planned!


  1. Hi! I have two copies of Coats and Clark's book no. 150-B, One Hundred Embroidery Stitches with the orange cover.

  2. The girl on the cover of Sewing is Fun needs to smile a little more! That's a wonderful collection.

  3. I haven't sewn anything in years, but I still like sewing books. I love the cover of the "sewing is Fun" book.

  4. Hmmm... I don't know if I actually HAVE a favorite BOOK. My favorite publication for such wonderfulness has been Somerset Studios (or anything published by them) as of late. I am so inspired by their stuff!

  5. I too grab any vintage sewing book I can find! The only draw-back is some of them smell funny. I love the old photos, and some of the ideas and styles are back again.

  6. Your sewing books are great! I loved seeing all of them here. I have picked up a couple of these thrift store shopping. My favorite is "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing," published in 1949.

  7. what a great sewing book collection you have and the giveaway is so much fun! am already a follower and would love to win one of the books..

    happy VTt

  8. Hi Becky, I love your sewing book collection and think it is great that you can still use them. I DID do a VTT post, today. My first one, and I am having so much fun visiting all the blogs.
    I do still follow and I did get your button yesterday. Thanks for doing the give aways...what fun!
    Peace, Stephanie

  9. Becky I love your collection of sewing books! And thanks for such a great giveaway :-) My favorite sewing books are ones by Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day" method. She revolutionized my quilting with her easy to follow method. Thanks for entering me!

  10. I need these! My favorite sewing books right now are Anna Maria Horner's SEAMS TO ME and Heather Ross' WEEKEND SEWING.

  11. I have your button over at Mama Lusco Handmade.

  12. What a great collection. My favorite sewing book is my vintage Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book, which you can see in my post for VTT today!! (I don't actually sew but I sure like looking at the pictures!)

  13. Wonderful books, I really don't have any craft books, but recently just scored a lot of quilting magazines....and was super excited! Have a great VTT!

  14. Those books are great! I love vintage and sewing. :-) I have two favorites, Ali Edwards A Designer's Eye (scrapbooking) and Tilda's Sew Pretty Homestyle.

  15. I love your book collection! I have a nice collection of some that were my grandma's.

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  17. Oh my gosh, I think your sewing book collection just may beat mine! I am now dying to read the "Art of Dressmaking"!If you ever are looking to part with any of those vintage gems please drop me a line!

    Great contest -- please enter me! Right now, my favorite sewing book is my 1940s Singer Sewing Book!

  18. Hi Becky..
    Oooooo, you have no idea how much I want to win these books. I think she's wonderful (tho I've not met her in person),because she loves aprons and stitched linens like I do. My favorite books would have to be..the little Singer Sewing Books..the ones like you've shown,specially the apron one...And,my favorite crafting books would have to be the Sunbonnet Sue Family Reunion Books./....books #'s..1,2,3,4. These are filled with wonderful patterns to applique for framing or to use in quilting..and also embroidered on pillowcases or linens.
    Sooo, will you please enter me in you fingers are crossed that I win..
    My email is:
    cat_white_cloud (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Hi Becky...
    This is my second entry... I am already a follower of your sweet blog.

  20. Hi again Becky..
    This will be my third entry... I have your button and the giveaway posted on my right sidebar.... Come see.

  21. Love all that you have shared. Becky, I cannot currently email you as it is not working properly. I can't email out right now, but I receive email(!?!?). You can email me at cindyc [at] kvnet [dot] org.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  22. I love books on sewing aprons. I use old vintage materials to sew my aprons. I am now a follower and I have posted about your blog and giveaway.

    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  23. Oh I forgot to leave my entries as separate comments, so I am now a follower. Please enter me.
    Thanks, Jany

  24. hmmm...favorite craft? I'm so ADD that I jump from thing to thing. I ADORE felted critters and ornaments so I'll pick that THIS time!

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  25. I think I had some of those same vintage sewing books and purged them ill-advisedly in a yard sale. Sigh.

  26. Also, I'm now a follower :)

  27. My sewing/crafting bible is MaryJanes Farm Idea book, loaded with goodies of all kinds to make and give! Please enter me in your lovely giveaway, found it on Facebook, Ellen's page. Thanks!

  28. Forgot to mention before, my favorite is an old Singer Sewing Book from the 50s or 60s...

  29. I love any sewing, stitching, or cooking books from the 40's on! I'm a sucker for old cookbooks, as much for the commentary as the recipes! I found your blog via my favorite apron lady! Some current favorites are Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts, The Family Album of Knits, and The Apron Book! Just need more time in my day!


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