Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July is Almost Over?!? Giveaway

I am having one of those "where the heck did this month go?" moments.

Bill Hubby and I have been busy so time flies.
Following the July Celebration In Liberty, NC we set up at the Garner Arts and Crafts Festival.  
  Again, we met amazing crafts folk and some really nice customers.
Again, sales were disappointing. 
Again, I think it was the heat.
We will be checking out more venues and let you know if we are setting up near you!

In the meantime, go peak at my etsy shop.  Lots of bibs, tissue covers, an apron and a couple of sets of coasters.
Plus, There are still a few days left for the 
Christmas in July specials!!

I got a huge surprise today! 
I was featured on The Apron Goddesses!
I don't know how they found me!  
But dang what a sweet write up!  
Thanks to the Ladies who are The Apron Goddesses!

Which brings me to another little announcement - I now have 99 Bloggie Friend Followers!!!  

 I think it's time for a Give-away!

Here's the deal -

See all those little boxes on both sides of this column? 
The ones with links to other blogs and cool as all get out places on the interwebs?  
Yeah? Well, to enter this giveaway 

1) You must be a follower

2) Please visit one of the cool websites by clicking their button links here.

Come back here and let me know where you went and a little about what you saw.  Maybe Bea over at What's the Buzz - Bea's Blabber is talking about her adorable grandson or perhaps Angie over at Mama Lusco Handmade is showing off her adorable kids in vacation pics.

That's all. 

The Prize? Hmmm, One of my aprons of course! 
Something in a retro fabric with a couple of kitchen towels to match!

Extra entries? 
Sure, why not?

For a 2nd entry - Visit one more site and come back and tell me about it. (Heck, I hope eventually you can visit all of these fine folks!)

For a 3rd entry - If you visit my absolute over all favorite site, become a Fan and then tell me which, um, vocal expression, is your favorite  then you get that 3rd entry.  Trick is You have to guess which site I am talking about. 
It really isn't hard to figure out.

There ya are.  3 chances to win!
The winner will be drawn next Thursday, August 5 around midnight EDST.

Okay, I gotta go sew!

Love you all!


  1. Wow~~I love a giveaway and especially something handmade from your beautiful goodies~~~ I am a follower of course....AND, I love visiting Momma Lusco's site...She has made the cutest gift for her neice Becca's friend..........

    Thanks for the chance at the giveway...I cant wait to stay tuned.....

    Stay cool, Faye

  2. Hi Becky, It sure would be awesome to win one of your aprons, especially with matching dish towels.
    For my first entry I found out Bea is suffering from blogger's block!
    For my second entry, I visited V and found out she is cleaning house.
    For my third entry... I liked them all, but since you wanted me to pick I'll say "Nothing Changed"
    Peace, Stephanie

  3. I checked out Pleasant Home and she made a SUPER stinking cute quilt inspired by an adorable signed tablecloth that was passed down to her!

    For my second entry I checked out Lil' Hipsters and fell INSTANTLY in love with the SOCK MONKEYS!!!! I {heart} sock monkeys!

    And, I'm guessing that your FAVORITE is 100 Yorktown, but that's just a hunch! ;-) I can't listen here at work, but I will totally check them out later!

  4. I have visited several of the sites today but I'll tell you that Sew Picture Perfect featured lovely pictures of red and orange lovely quilts her title is Red Apples and Orange Oranges.

    I love the pic of you in the roster apron! That's a mighty fine apron, too. I love anything red and kinda have a thing for roosters as long as the live ones keep their distance.

    So, do tell, what did you decide to wear to the craft festival?

  5. Bea's Blabber says she's suffering from blogger's block. That gets me tongue tied even typing it!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I've been wondering what you've been up to. I'm enjoying the last few weeks of summer before becoming a football widow. Congrats on your 100th follower and hope the rest of your summer is fun :)

  7. I'm a follower and I love V & Co...........and everything about her blog.

  8. I saw you on Apron Goddesses! Nice little write-up and I love the rooster apron! Did you make that apron? So cute:)


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