Friday, July 2, 2010

Giveaways, Lights and Freedom!

Have you been outside today?
After a month of record high temperatures and me hiding inside with the AC cranking out lovely cool air it was so nice to take Our Petey the Boston Terrier out for his morning meander and enjoy some cool - dare I say crisp? - air.  Birds singing, sun shining, and a wee bit of a breeze. I know it's mere a lull in the heat storm that is Summer in the Mid-South.  But oh so nice to open the windows and let the house breathe the cool free of air conditioned stuffiness!

What have y'all been up to so far this summer?  Nothing seriously exciting nor new around here.  Bill is still on the job hunt. But his temporary unemployment has allowed him a chance to go out and about with his camera. Check out his pics of what we lovingly refer to as "Southern Decay" and the other things that catch his artistic eye.  
Leave him some comment love too. He thinks his pictures are "okay."  
I say they are amazing.

My daughter Katharine and her Beau, Brian, just moved into the cutest little house in a cute little town nearby.  They are now 25 minutes versus 15 minutes away but it's a fun ride through the counties' back roads. They had too much stuff and offered us a floor lamp.  Great timing as one of our lamps had just decided to rebel. Only one minor problem - the gift lamp is a little wobbly.  
No problem. 


We put it to work in our workroom. Lovely. I sat down in the chair beside it and Whomp! There it is! On my head. Fighting a tear or two I declared war on said lamp. 
You lamp you!  I'll fix you! Ha!
 Yeppers!  I fixed that lamp!  You are now looking at the new ceiling fixture in our Guest bathroom!
(Oops! Tilt yer head to the left. Sorry.)
I love hanging light fixtures. I love recycling! This application used the base and top of the lamp.
Free is good isn't it?

Come back and visit with me next Tuesday for a review of a product from CSN Stores and a $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!! 

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful weekend celebrating the freedom we have as Americans!
Be safe!

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  1. My summer has been a busy one so far, kids, sewing, and a lot of freezing and canning. I'm going to look at the pictures now.


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