Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June is bustin out alllllll ohohoh-ver!

It's June!
Time for Grads, Dads and Brides!

At least that what the folks in the advertising world have reminded us for years!
For BillHubby and me it's a month of birthdays and short road trips.

First, Bill's birthday. This year very low key.  No 12 layer cake like 2 years ago but I did cook.  I know, don't y'all faint!  I filled Crescents rolls (from a can) with shredded cheese for breakfast and  baked a regular ol' box yellow cake with cream cheese icing.  Bill put together a big crock pot full of roast beast and veggie goodness for supper.  We relaxed all day.

The Birthday Boys!!!
A few days later it was off to Wilmington, NC for StepSonWill's 30th Birthday Party.  In a park. With 90 degrees as the cool temp of the day. BUT we had a blast with all the kids and got to spend time snatching our Grand Daughter away from the other Grand Parents, who live in Wilmington.

Cutie Pie Aubree on Grammy's lap. I'm Grammy! Bill is Grumps - hee hee
He took this pic and cut me out - hmmph!

(WARNING - Next picture is not safe for work or sensitive types  - bad words.)

What is with this phenomenon called "Cornhole."  It's really just Toss Across for grown-ups, right?

Last weekend we headed over to Statesville, NC for my Great Aunt Iona's 99th Birthday party!  She is the last of my [Grand]Mama's siblings.  Still living in her own home (with some help.)  Still sharp as a tack and funny as can be. I firmly believe my wicked sense of humor comes from the long line of long living Walker-Campbell women! 
Mama lived to be 104!

I've been sewing some and participated in Val of YarniGras! Hot Mama Pin-Up apron Swap.
Not gonna post what I made til I know my swap partner has it in hand but lookie what Becca sent me!!!!
Thank you so much Becca!!!
 Yeah, I really shoulda ironed it first. (I discovered a "new" tool in Photoshop - "decorate.")
Aren't the gals pretty and my apron is fab.  Becca used a sturdy stripey plaid fabric as an under apron and for the ties and waistband.  It's so pretty I'll probably use it as one of my hostess aprons.  Thank you Val for co-ordinating the swap.

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  1. Cornhole is the "in" thing right now. Remember, we made ours. The bags held up horribly. We need new ones.

  2. My husband made a corn hole game for our daughter last week; they're all the rage for the 20-something crowd!

  3. That apron is so adorable! It looks like you guys had some fun!

  4. Hope you post the pic of the adorable Tooth Fairy pillow you made for Thing 1!

  5. Thank you! I plan to do just that later this week.

  6. Lil Aubree is SO cute! Know you had fun squeezing her!

  7. The grandkids call my dad Grumpy Grandpa. ;o)

  8. It looks like you had a nice time with the family and I LOVE that apron (wrinkles and all)!



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