Monday, July 5, 2010

Review and GiveAway Fun!

 We had a wonderful long weekend! How about you? 
Saturday, Bill and I attended Greensboro, NC's Fun Fourth Festival.  
We only went for the music.  
We were not disappointed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, From Carrboro,NC
Big Fat Gap
Bluegrass at its finest.
Everyone enjoyed the tunes!
Here's one nano-second that Bill wasn't running around snappin pics!  
From all over NC - Hobex! A favorite of my entire family.
Gotta love Andy Ware's purple pants!
Fresh from his Prague tour- Greg Humphreys!  
The beautiful Taz Halloween! After the show. We is sassy wimmens!

Now for Giveaway fun!!!
CSN stores generously allowed me to choose a product from one of their 200+ stores. I received and reviewed said product - a sofa protecting cat scratching post. 
  • Available in various neutral carpet colors - shipped at random
  • Encourages cats to scratch on it instead of expensive furniture
  • Treated with organic catnip oil   
  • Pros: Inexpensive, Protects Furniture, Just The Right Size, Attractive Design  
  • Cons: Cat Doesn't Use It, Wobbly base
3out of 5
This is a well-built product in the sense that it is just the right height to protect our sofa corner. The base is wobbly though. We added a weight from a former floor lamp to stabilize it.
Sadly, Our cats have no interest in it at all. Even after adding more catnip! But I think that is just their personalities rather than any fault of the product.(legalese)
Hopefully Stanley, who is the main sofa scratcher, will soon understand what he is supposed to do with is new post! 
CSN Stores is also offering a $40 Gift Certificate to one of my wonderful readers!!  It's too hot outside to think a whole bunch, so I'm gonna make this simple.
Leave me a comment about your 4th of July weekend or about how to convince a formerly feral cat to use the scratching post rather than the sofa.
One entry per person.
Comment before this Sunday, July 11, Midnight PDST (yeah, that's 3am EDST.)
I will use the Random Number Generator to choose a winner and announce here on Monday. 
Be sure I have a way to reach you by e-mail!


  1. Yeah, cats are VERY particular about what they'll use or won't! And if they've tipped over a wobbly post, forget it... they'll never touch it again.

    I wouldn't get a scratching post covered with carpet, anyway... why encourage them to scratch on carpet?! Sisel's the best!

    You got it free to test, right? Good thing. ;)

  2. I did get to test it for free! And I stabilized it before they had a chance at it. I like sisal scratching thingys too. I really think it's mostly because they are ferals who adopted us!

  3. saw my 4th weekend on son stepped on a 2 1/2" nail, it went into the bone and he had to stay overnight for surgery....he's home and resting well now....i need another 4th........

  4. Fourth was fun here, family, fun, food, fireworks!

    Here's my tip about the furniture and cats. Cover the area where they scratch most with tin foil. They hate the feel/sound of it, and they will soon go somewhere else. (I'm not saying it will be the post, but there is a chance!) A water gun works sometimes if you have the heart to do it, and if you don't have mischievous family members who will use it on you. Good luck with that!

    My brother just moved to North Carolina, and I'll just bet he and my other brother (not Darrell) were there at the bluegrass festival. Small world!

  5. We have a formerly-feral cat and nothing worked. Please, no "hate mail", but we had him declawed. It was either that or the pound because I would not let him live outside again where he was badly injured when we found him. Darned if he doesn't still "claw" the carpet (he thinks he's getting away with something). By the way, he DOES NOT ever go outside anymore.
    (For the 4th of July, we stayed home and BBQ'd)
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  6. We had a lovely 4th of July and looks like you did too!

  7. Bluegrass sounds like fun. We went to Satterwhite Point on Lake Kerr and listened to some mediocre beach music and watched a nice fireworks display along with 50 million other people. It was a nice evening.

  8. cover that sucker in catnip! & thanks for following me xo!

  9. We went to a boat show in our town and gazed and dreamed about spending our future summers on the water! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. Our 4th of July weekend marked the first year I ever heard our daughter say, "Mommy, I wan't to see more fireworks!" We had a wonderful time, my four-year-old and I.

  11. Oh, I wish my cats would use a post! That would be nice,huh?? I spray my cat with a water gun sometimes if they are really killing my furniture but then I feel mean and bad after.So, My fourth of July was really dull so I can't complain.I love CSN! Thanks.


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