Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Thingy Thursday - Political Leanings

I often tell folks "I was raised  in the proverbial smoke filled back rooms of the North Carolina foothills' old Democratic Party."  I'm told my first words were not "Mama" nor "Dada" but "Bote Kennkey!"  My Dad took almost 1 year old me out and about on Saturdays in 1960 to give my Mom a rest and to show off how he had taught me to say "Vote Kennedy."  (I have also been told my first words were "Go to hell TarHeels!" since we are a Wake Forest family but I digress.)

I've had a life long involvement in meeting, greeting, hand shaking and general campaigning along side my Dad and then with my kids.  My rule is "If you don't vote then you are not allowed to complain!"

You and I don't have to agree on policy or politicians (most are corrupt to some degree) but I believe we can all agree that our freedom to be different is a huge part of what makes the United States a superb place to live! 

I think we can also agree that my little stuffed donkey is adorable!!  I was adviser to a Teen Democrat group way back in 80-81 and one of the teens gave me this as a Thank you. 
 Before that - in 1974 - my Dad was a delegate to the Democratic National Mini-Convention in Kansas City.  He arrived home with the words "I flew back to Atlanta [and then on to Charlotte] with the next President of the United States."  We asked why Hubert Humphrey was going to Atlanta.  Dad replied, "Not Humphrey - Jimmy Carter."  At that my Mom, little brother and I all said, "Jimmy WHO!?!?!"

Then Dad was a Delegate to the National Convention of the Democratic Party in 1976.  Here is his floor tag, another one signed "Dan Rather" and a note signed "To Beckie, from your friend, Hubert Humphrey."  Dad gave my brother a Clint Eastwood autograph and a Humphrey one too.  I found the button at a junque store a while back and I'm not sure how old it is.
(I need to fix it from slipping in the shadow box!)
 I have more buttons safely tucked in a box.  Lots of Jimmy (who?) Carter smiles and peanuts buttons and tons from local elections.
This little button is about the size of a quarter.  I have had it "forever" but I don't know where it can from.  I guess my Dad gave it to me way back in the 60's.

Happy VTT Everyone!  Go visit Suzanne's blog ColoradoLady so you can check out all the other vintage goodies!


  1. Hi! Glad to "meet" you. I didn't grow up in NC, but have been here the past 20 years....where did all the yellow dog dem's go??? Love your vintage buttons, thanks for sharing. Peace, Stephanie

  2. Oh, these things are so wonderful! And I love the "Bote Kenkey" first words! LOL! I would be so proud if my kid started out that way! Well, as long as it was a Dem...LOL! (My parents are still shaking their heads and trying to figure out how they gave birth to a crazy liberal nut job! LOL!)

  3. What great stories, Becky. WOW! HH's autograph!

  4. I've never been involved in politics but I like the old campaign buttons. You reminded me that I have some--somewhere.

  5. Great political stuff!! I am always attracted to the buttons and such at antique shows!


  6. Great vintage buttons and such wonderful memories.
    Happy VTT and have a great weekend.

  7. What a great story, and I love all of the political and campaign stuff! Last election was the first time that I had ever become involved in a presidential election. I learned so much, and have since been trying to find old campaign buttons at garage and estate sales. And anything red, white and blue!
    Happy VTT!

  8. Great post! Loved the stories and seeing your Dad's delegate badge! We have some campaign buttons somewhere-mine and DHs...

  9. Fun stories and buttons! When I go into antique stores, I always like to look at the vintage campaign buttons in the case.

  10. These are great vintage pieces. sorry I am so late, I want to throw my computer in the street.....Happy VTT!

  11. Love your story and I love the history behind these wonderful vintage buttons. What a treasure made even better with your remembrances.


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