Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Snow!


Just took Petey out.  He loves snow!
Since his stroke a few months back he does a whole lot of walking in circles to get where he wants to go.  I say he's going Nascar cause all he makes are left turns - like these

Our Daughter-in-law went to the hospital today for induced labor.  I don't think the people there knew what they were doing* cause she was hooked up all day and barely began to dilate!  They took her off the drip so she could shower and get some sleep.  Hopefully Aubree Grace will get here tomorrow!

(* I had induced with both kids and birthed both at almost exactly 8 hours!  This is the first induced labor/birth that I ever heard of that didn't work!)

More Snow and Baby news tomorrow!
Sleep tight!


  1. Snow-what is that I ask - we don't get snow in Aust. Hope your DIL has the baby soon.

  2. Lots of snow here, too. Glad to hear Petey can still enjoy it. Congrats on the baby making her debut soon...
    Cindy at Lakewood

  3. Oh, love little Petey's circles of footprints in the snow. Glad you're gettin the white stuff. We didn't get any here in ATL. Hope Aubree is born on the 31st! That's my daughter's birthday. Good luck to you all and give her a little hug for me........welcome to the world little Aubree.


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