Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goal List 2010

Many years ago my New Year's Resolution was to never make any New Year's Resolutions.

Never again.


I can proudly say that I have been 100% resolute in that resolution.  I am proud.

Resolutions seemed so final.  And depressing.  Not achieving the (sometimes ridiculous) goals made me feel really bad.  Loserville.

Why should we make promises once a year to accomplish something by year's end?

With that in mind, I do make lists.  I love lists.  There is a great satisfaction is crossing items off of lists.  I feel organized.  I feel as if I am making headway.  I feel good.

This year, this new year of 2010, my first New Year's with my blog, I have decided to share a few of my goals with you my BlogLand and RealLife friends.  It will help to keep me "honest."  I can click back to this post from time to time to gauge my progress.  You can help by reminding me :)

Professional Goals 2010

Sew more - at least 6 days a week.
Refill my etsy shop and sell, sell, sell!
Venture out of my comfort zone (home and the computer) to some craft and street fairs with my wares.
Finish jobs on time!!! This is very difficult for me, the Queen of ProCrasty Nation!

Personal Goals 2010

Finish the long ago promised High School T-shirt quilts for Jordan and Kat. 
Sew up the fabrics I bought to make curtains for:
Our Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
Living room
(Hey, we do have sheers and temporary curtains up!)
Use up my ludacrously huge stash - only buy essentials to complete projects
(Ultimately I know that as a Fabriholic my resistance may be futile but I will try.)


The usuals - eat better, exercise more, sleep better
Read more.  I used to read lots of books a year.  Now I'm lucky to finish 2 a year. 

A really, really big goal I have, one I must accomplish for my mental and physical well-being -
eliminate toxic people from my life. 
This is not easy, especially if one must have contact with said person(s). 
Life is too damn short to spend it being treated badly, talked down to, feeling guilty for  things that are out of my control and spending my energies on those who will never be satisfied with what I do and who I am!

The happy opposite of that goal is to spend more time with and energy on Bill, our children, Will & wife, Jennifer & our almost here Grand Daughter Aubree, Megan, Jordan & Katharine and beau, Brian and our friends too numerous to list! 
I want and almost need to have more parties/gatherings, attend more music events and movies and write more letters, notes, and birthday cards to family and friends who live far away.

If along the way I lose weight, gain muscle, make new friends, learn a new craft, take a real vacation, and/or find a cure for the common cold then that will be a nice by product of trying to live well and do right by others.

What do you want to do this New Year?


  1. That was a great post! I, too, quit making resolutions. "Finish unfinished projects" was usually on the list. Now I embrace all of my unfinished projects and will get to them eventually. BTW, I only have mini blinds in bedrooms.........I too need to sew curtains. I'd love to see a photo of your fabric stash. Mine is scary! I do want to learn to knit and will be taking a beginning class next month....I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling 2010!!!

  2. Resolutions are overrated--and not good for one's mental health, I think, because if you slip up you feel like a total failure. Nothing wrong with goals, though! I only made them for my craftiness this year, but among mine are finish all of the sewing-type things I need for my bedroom makeover I've been working on for the last several months, work on making clothes that fit better, and get a good dent made on my photo albums! (I won't say caught up--that'll never happen as long as I keep taking pictures!)

  3. what a great list! thanks for sharing it, it gave me some good things to think about. yes toxic people are a hard one!! ;) -V

  4. I agree with you about the resolutions! On my blog the other day I posted my "goals". I think goals are more realistic, something that I am working towards.

  5. Becky;

    If I changed the names in your post to reflect my family, I could make the exact same resolutions and reflections! Are you sure we weren't separated at birth???


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