Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - VTT - Christmas!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy VTT!!!!

I am so far behind I think I may still be in September or October!

Here is one of our trees that was promised two weeks ago!
 A real 1950's Pom-Pom tree - aluminum - cried real tears when I found it in a nearby antique store - paid too much but still a reasonable price.  We had been searching for one for 4 years.

The early 1960's stand rotates the tree and has a music box.  Sounds like a Tubular Bells version of Silent Night! eek.

You can see a big glare to the left there.  It's our gen-u-wine rotating color wheel!  Had to search a month and drive a bit over and hour to nab that after finding the tree.

I set it up last year and surprised Bill with it.  It's the perfect size for our small dining table that sits between our living room and den.

We decorate it with ornaments that either represent our childhoods or are actually from our childhood.  (Okay, the old stuff is all from my childhood.)

The game ornaments and new ornaments are pretty obvious.
The old Santas, reindeer, Pixie and mouse are mine from 1960 on.

That Santa with a chimney had candy in it.

 and yes, that is a Barbie head.
15-16 years ago, Jordan and his best friend, Malcolm, were tormenting playing with Katharine.  One of the guys - truly an accident - stepped on one of her Barbies and poof - off came her head.  Over the next couple of years there were 2 more headless Barbies.  I saved the heads and they have turned up in all sorts of places.

taped to the underside of a toilet lid
swinging from bedroom fan blades
in shoes when Jordan went off to Campbell U
on pillows while someone slept

You get the picture.  We are pranksters.  Maybe we are the only ones who laugh about it but all you have to say is "Barbie head" and we giggle.

 And our Stockings!
It's an awful picture but I made them all over the years as I birthed children, married Bill, added his kids and a daughter in law.  Next Christmas I can add Grandbaby Aubree!  Just 3 more weeks til her due date!

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Hope 2010 is a wonderful year for all.  Thanks for all the love , support, ideas, swaps and BlogLand friendships we have shared!!


  1. What a treat to see my grandmother's tree again! she had one just like this in the late 50's/early 60's. The "feathers" were so soft, I used to love to run my fingers through them. And the Barbie head stories are soooo funny!!! you're my kind of family! tee hee

  2. Love your tree and all the sweet ornaments. Even Barbi's head. Thats just too funny. Happy VTT..have a wonderful New Year..

  3. I love your tree, I paid too much for mine too several years ago....and could not find my color wheel this year, and had to buy another...It really makes the holiday special with this silver tree up...I just love mine, and wish I had a table one like yours...Happy VTT and Happy New Year!

  4. LOVE your vintage tree! It is so groovy and beautiful and sparkley! The Barbie head makes me sad, though. :) I hope you have a very Happy New Year! ......and congrats on the grandbaby. Better get working on that stocking!

  5. ROFL, thanks for the giggle! The Barbie heads needed a spew warning!

  6. I didn't like the aluminum trees when they were new, but now I think they look cool. They really are good for showing off ornament collections.

  7. Awesome tree, Becky, and I love how you have it decorated. Love your Barbie head story, too. My family has a Stitch bobble-head from the movie Lilo and Stitch that appears in surprising places and goes on trips.

  8. Cool tree! Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  9. My grandmother had a tree like that too. I hated the fact that she didn't have a real one, but loved to let the light wheel hypnotize me. I found a tree two years ago, but haven't come across a color wheel. The Barbie stories are too funny!

  10. Oh I would so love to find one of those! Truth is I'm allergic to the real ones and every year my family get a real one and promises to take it outside...and every year guess who drags it to the curb? Uh-huh..yeah me. covered with hives

    Happy VTT!


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