Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday - more family stuff

Happy VTT everyone!

I am having an overly scatter-brained week here. But it's all good.

My son, Jordan, and his roommates have moved a wee bit closer to us - YAY!

Daughter Katharine is moving back home - YAY!! She'll live with us til she finds a place of her own again.

And I have been so busy with all the excitement I didn't even post yesterday's Weigh-In Wednesday. I found a half pound that had been previously lost. Darnit! I did succumb to sitting on my hiney in the air conditioned house rather than getting out and doing though.

Now for something Vintage...............

Yeppers, that there is the stove at my great grandparents house. It's a fancy, fancy wood burner. There's an electric oven over to the left and it's old too but nearly as cool as this old gal.

Don't tell Mom, but I actually fired it up 19 years ago and baked bread in it!! It was in a word - Fabulous!!!!!!

Plus it kept us warm.

Can you imagine keeping a fire stoked all day so you could cook?

It has a water heater on the right side.

I do have the owner's set-up pamphlet too. I actually did not mean to bring it home with me. It was in a bunch of recipe pamphlets I'd left up there ages ago.


It's Home Comfort Range, Model "DA" made by the Wrought Iron Range Company of 5661 Natural Bridge Avenue, St Louis, Missouri.

One more treasure from the family:

When my beloved Great Aunt Mildred died she left very specific instructions in her will as to what she wanted her favorite niece, my Mom, to have. But this particular portion had us stumped at first - "....Pearls, chicken...." Oooh, a strand of pearls. That's nice. But chicken? Our family is a bit on the wacky side but that's beyond even our weirdness!!!

Can't remember who actually figured it out. But we got a good giggle out of the typo. There it is - Pearl's Chicken!!!

The eldest child, Pearl, was quite a craftster and seamstress and quilter!

This is a heavy, ceramic chicken that she covered with calico scraps! She painted the beak, comb and eyes. And the whole thing is sealed with some (I'm sure toxic) shellac/varnish/mod podge like substance!

Isn't it a hoot? Or should that be "Isn't that something to crow about?"

Okay, okay, I hear ya groanin at that one! hee hee

Now pop on over to our darling hostess, Suzanne's place to see all the other vintage goodies!

I'm gonna do a little workout with the radio on the oldies channel. Talk about vintage!!


  1. Hi Becki..
    I love Pearl's Chicken, What a smile you brought to me. And that fancy wood stove..well, "back in the day" I can remember a granny lady having one and I have also cooked on one. There's nothing like red beans, with fried country ham and cornbread cooked on a wood stove, That's pure heaven. Happy VTT..have a most wonderful week.
    P.S. I became a follower..I just have to look more at your pretty blog..

  2. What a real treasure in that stove, I can just imagine the bread you baked was mouth watering. I just love that stove!!

    Funny story about the chicken, I remember when those things were the craze in the early 70's, chickens, cats, and dogs are what I remember most.

    Have a great VTT!!

  3. LOL! I love the chicken story! Those stoves are fabulous! We had one in our old house!

  4. It is nice that the stove is in such good condition and still in the family. Someday, it will really be vintage, and you will proud you have it around. Your chicken gave us all a good vintage laugh. Glad you settled down long enough to visit my post.

  5. Okay, Becky! Your story about the chicken is hilarious. And I love a good old stove that will warm your buns!

  6. neat stove. It wasn't too long ago that I had a pot belly stove in our kitchen to keep us warm in the winter!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! That stove is just wonderful! I love your description of yourself as a loud and sassy friend. Being subtle is so overrated. Thanks for joining One Gal's Trashy Pals too...

  8. what a fabulous Pearl's chicken too lol!!

  9. :0 - Nope can't imagine keeping a fire burning to cook! I loved your story about Pearls chicken and figuring out what she meant! :)

  10. No, that's something to CLUCK about! groan and smile.
    Wonderful stove and yes, I've cooked on a wood burning stove, it makes wonderful food! Talk about the original slow cooker crock pot! smile.

  11. Fab old cooker - and that chicken - lots of fun!

  12. Becky, I love the stove. I found one is Raleigh at an antique store sitting out in the yard. I told hubs I thought is would look wonderful on our front porch. =) Funny story about the chicken.

  13. I love your stove! We had one like that growing up in our basement - it was wood fired and my mom loved to cook on it! The chicken is so cute!


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