Thursday, July 30, 2009

VTT - Emmie and Me

See the Happy Baby? That's me!

See the Happy Lady holding the Happy Baby? That's Emmie!

I told you about her a couple of weeks ago.

Thought I'd share more of her stuff today.

Check out this box.

Isn't that a sweet latch? Because of age the box is a little wonky. There's a mirror inside on the lid.

It was an inexpensive purchase I am sure. I'd love to know what, if anything, came in the box. It's sides are a very thin metal and the top and bottom are lucite. (Sorry my pics aren't fabulous as the box is.)

Let's see what Emmie kept inside.

Whoa! Old prescription bottles and even one left over drug! Yikes! The labels are from now defunct Drug Stores but are interesting anyway. They have Emmie's name, her doctor's name and sometimes instructions but none of the drugs names are on the labels! Scary.

The Ray-o-Vac battery is still "factory sealed" but rusty. There's an old tube in the box of Blistex - gotta love the lips. There's a tube of mecurochrome in the other box. Remember getting skinned knees painted with that stuff? A hair clip and a crochet hook in there too.

But this is one of my very, very, very favorite things evah!

It's an enamel pot with lid that Emmie covered with gum machine charms and buttons and old jewelry. A few have fallen off over the years. I copied the picture of us and glued it to a button to fill one of the spaces.

You see, of the 4 children that Emmie helped my Great Grandparents raise only 2 of them had children. One boy and one Girl - my Mom. Mom was the oldest by several years and being the first she was the "favorite." My siblings and I were the only great grandchildren and being the first I always felt like the favorite. I doubt any of us really was but Emmie always had a way of making one feel super special.

See the fancy "B" and the little "E" here? Emmie told me it was for "Becky" and "Emmie." See why I felt so special? The only other letter on there is an "S" for my Great Uncle Sam. He was the youngest of the 4 and lived at the homeplace and ran the store until his death.

Emmie kept Red Bird brand peppermint sticks in this pot. They are almost as good as her sugar cookies were.

Happy VTT everyone! Go check out more Vintage Thingys at ColoradoLady's Blog

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  1. Both of these items are sooooo cool - - -and even more so since they have a connection to your Emmie.

    I wondered for a minute if the little gold box had once been a snuff box - - - until I saw the holes in the design on the sides.

  2. Well what a sweetie, I love your two initials on the box and that you kept on adding to it.

  3. What a wonderful connection to Emmie. I can read in your post how special she is to you.

  4. Love the covered jar. Do you think women in the past had more time on their hands than we do ~ there are so many things like this around from this era.

  5. What some neat things your Emmie had. I enjoyed them and was nice of you to share with us. Also, glad you had time for a visit to my post.

  6. What a great post, I love the jar covered with little trinkets, that is too cute. I love seeing things from around this time period, they are so charming.

    Have a great VTT!

  7. what a lovely post Emmie must have been one very special lady! btw i love the embellished jar too :)

  8. What incredibly special keepsakes from your Emmie! I love that pot so much! I've seen these memory jars before in magazines. I wonder if she collected all of the pieces over time, and then made it, or just added to it every time she found a treasure to put on it? Either way, it's priceless!

  9. I think our "treasures" mean even more when we know the history and have a connection with them!

    Nice that you have these to remember Emmie by.

  10. What a lovely post! I love that box in the first pictures!

  11. such lovely keepsakes!!! that box is just beautiful! thanks for sharing and for the visit to see my blog today!

  12. What a charming post, and how lovely that these items came from Emmie -- it's wonderful to have treasures from people we have treasured.



  13. what a great post! I love your box and enamel pot.. just lovely! with all the bling blings.. awesome!

  14. What wonderful memories! and a really coolly creative enamel jar!

  15. what a neat jar...i could look at all the treasures on it for hours! what wonderful memories.
    love the photo. how sweet.

  16. Hi Becky,

    thanks for stopping by my post to say hello. Lovethis sweet little jar with all of Emmies things on it. Too cute!


  17. Oh my gosh! I remember having those little Blistix tubes! I've forgotton all about that!
    The enamel pot is wonderful and the great memories to go with it is even better.
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for adding me to your list.

  18. I loved your was wonderful. That little box sure held a lot of surprises inside. I loved little pot covered with all those wonderful things. Happy VTT..and have a lovely day.

  19. Becky, I loved your post and your memories of Emmie. Great vintage items too.

  20. how sweet! thank you for visiting my blog :)


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