Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm still breathin'

Hey Gang!

This is just a quick note.

I am still livin and breathin! But what a busy 2 weeks I have had!

Last week KatDaughter and I headed to Mom's house for some relaxation and girl time. Heh! We worked our butts off. More on that later.

We came home and Kat scurried on back to her house. Probably afraid I'd find more manual labor for her.

BillHubby and I had a fabulous 4th weekend. Did some yard work, went to a party, went to an Antique Mall and looked and looked.

Part of the adventure to the foothills of NC was to pick up stuff that I'd left up there years ago. More on that later this week too.

Let me just tell you that I scored major on family heirloom type stuff and have been washing and unpacking and reading and taking pictures.

AND - drum roll please - I sold an apron on etsy!!!!! The cute Kat flirty half apron. Wish they had a visitor counter so I could know if anyone else has looked.

Oh well. Time to check the dryer and then watch the new SciFi show, Warehouse 13, then Rescue Me, then Hawthorne, then Saving Grace. I may sleep late tomorrow if Petey will let me.

Have you all met Petey yet? He's 12 and snores louder than Bill and I do ;)


  1. Hey Becky, sounds like you had a good week. What's the link to your etsy store? I love my Duke apron and matching potholder!

  2. Congrats on your sale!! I'm so happy for you.

  3. Petey......he look's like , he takes no messing

  4. Yay A!! I had fun making those. beckysews.etsy.com

    Thanks Michelle! I turned right around and spent it on etsy! heehee

    Gingeyginge, Petey is so laid back that i have often joked he would not only let a burglar in the house but he'd show where the good stuff is. BTW, welcome. Hope to see you here often.

  5. Congrats Becky!!! It only takes one to get the ball rolling.


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