Friday, June 26, 2009

Sew In Stitches is Open on etsy

Lordamercy friends!

I am pooped. I've been so busy that I have even had my days and nights all mixed up. I remember when #1 Son did that as a baby. Heck he's still that way at 24!

But all whining aside - I did it! I have 2 aprons and 3 totebag/purses in my shop!! The full apron is reversible and the two smaller bags are too.

etsy suggests having 8-10 items when you open but, oh well.

I still have more aprons to finish
. Two little kid sized aprons will coordinate with the Emmie (Full apron) model.

I do not remember a creative week like this in a long, long time!

BillHubby, who is a professional photographer/videographer, gave me pointers on my picture taking. He liked what I did so I am extra proud.

tell me what ya think.

PS. Doh! It was late when I posted this so I didn't point out that you can click the title of this post and be whisked right away to the etsy shop or click this - Sew In Stitches

Thanks Michelle!


  1. Love your blog! Love your work!!!

    Very inspirational!! You are so gifted!!

  2. Thank you Tammy! Thanks for stopping by too.

  3. what is the url for your Etsy shop? I can't wait to see it!

  4. Sorry, You can click the title of this post and it'll take you right there. I'm gonna edit to make it easier. Thanks Michelle!

  5. LOVE the aprons!!!!!

    Ok so I DID see your comment on the craft it forward, hehehe. I will email you this evening, and am excited that you will be participating!!!

  6. Good luck with taking the Etsy step. I've been on the fringe looking in and kicking it around. Thanks for you comments on my blog and I wish you much success on Etsy and happiness in general. All the best!

  7. thanks gals!

    Rina, your blogs have my tummy growling.

    Dena - as the old ad said - Just Do It!

  8. Thank you for coming by... It reminded me to come by and check out your Etsy shop ;)

  9. Looks great! I think your bag names fit the bags well. Aprons look great!

  10. I love your new shop! Lots of people open a shop with only one item, so I'd say you did great! :)

  11. I am gonna do follow you!!!!!!!! I LOVE APRONS!!!!!!! I thought I was a weirdo....but not anymore!

  12. Hey I was just curious how your new store is going? I can't wait until I'm able to start my own Etsy shop. :) Have a great day!


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