Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I didn't get to sleep late!!!

Dangit! I forgot. I had my yearly physical this morning at 8:40!

I love my doctor. I have been her patient since 1992. She is wonderful. Our kids were in school together so we have that tie too.

Today is the first time she has ever said that I should lose weight. I knew it already :( My BP was a wee bit higher than it should be. I go back to see her in a month and hopefully the 4 pounds she advised me to lose will be long gone.

Bill and I are going to start walking early mornings. I need it and so does he. And I gotta quick munching on pretzels and chips and popcorn so much. Duh, Summer is here and fruits and veggies are super fresh and readily available!

Now that I am publicly declaring War on Fat I hope it will help me be more proactive!

Anybody wanna have weekly weigh-ins with me? Honor system. We can just report how much we have lost and how we are doing it. Healthy ways only folks! None of those diet pills!

Yeppers that's it.

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-ins!

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  1. Hey there! awesome on declaring WAR!!!!! I will, however, we are going to be on vacation next week for 10 days and I won't have a scale...but I will check in with you!!! If you check out my blog from today there is a link to a group doing the same thing, it is at the end of the post I think. Let me know if you would like to do that...or if you just want a visit to your blog each wed. I am game for either! Sorry you didn;t get to sleep late. Maybe Thursday morning :)


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