Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Apron Giveaway!

Just one week until National Wear your Apron day!!! May 11, 2009 - Their website has more info.

I discovered a new to me fabric store last Friday! Lynne's Fancy Stitches Outlet in Siler City, NC. It's one of those hidden in plain sight gems! (Don't go looking for a website. It's a very low tech operation.) This little store was packed to the ceiling with amazing fabrics! And more trim than I could take in! Her prices are incredible too.

Lynne and the nice lady who works for her whose name has slipped from my brain were so helpful and completely interested in me - the customer!!! We talked as much as I shopped. (I know no strangers!)

All this to say that I am sooo dern happy to have found a LOCAL fabric store. Okay, not local like 5 minutes away but local as in it's in my county and it has no corporate branding. Take a couple of minutes to check out the 3/50 website that's linked over to the left. It's all about spending our money in our community and saving as many of the Mom 'n' Pop stores as possible.

Now for what I found there!

Lynne's Fabric Store,Apron,apron giveaway

Lynne's Fabric Store,Apron,apron giveaway

Check out the super jumbo rickrack!!! As EllynAnne Geisel says, "You can never have too much rickrack!" I bought other fabric - a bunch of purples and purple rickrack! But my camera batteries died. Woo! All of the fabric I bought will become aprons.

And finally - duh duh tah duh!!! My Very First Super Special Apron Giveaway!

Here's how to win:

Leave a message at the end of this post. Tell me something about where you shop for crafty/fabric-y things or about your intense love of aprons or even better-both!

Do this by midnight (your time) on Sunday, May 10th.

On Monday, in honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, I will put all your names in some sort of container* and draw the lucky winner!

The winner will choose from one of the two fabrics shown above that I picked up at Lynne's.


Now get to typing, please.

*What sort of container should I use? Susan over at Not Quite June Cleaver uses her infamous Mason Jar. I could use a hat but that seems so not original.



  1. My grandmother (not Mama Grant, aka Aunt Iona) had two matching aprons made out of some white sheer fabric that had Christmas trees made out of rickrack on them! My mom gave them to me and Adrienne for Chrismas one year. They're faboo!

    As far as crafty stuff, I haven't found anyplace local since I used to go with Mama to Jo-Belle's up near Hickory-- that place had everything under the sun! So I'm stuck with Hobby Lobby, which has met my needs so far.

    Contain for drawing- do you have an old sewing basket or box you could use?

  2. How about using your apron pocket? Or one of those clothes pin holders made to be hung on the clothes line? Am I dating myself?

  3. i think you should get something like those things that you see on tv that have money blowing around in them and the people have to grab as much money as they can. you should probably shoot for a smaller version of that though. then you can just stick your hand in a grab one as they are floating around in the air. or here's another idea. put everyones name on a bingo ball then get on of those things that sends the next bingo ball out and then the name of the winner is the first ball to pop out. wow i am extremely smart sometimes. other than that i can't think of anything...

  4. Becky I used to live in Goldsboro, NC.
    here in florida I buy my quilty, crafty things at a shop called Quilts in Plum lane. It is quaint and I always find the cutest things. I feel veryone should own an apron and presently I am making one for my daughter who is getting her own place.


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