Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays...........

It's Monday! It's raining! It's all okay though.

We had a wonderful gathering of family and friends yesterday. Way too much food and all of it was fantastic! I made my (infamous) veggie chili in the crock pot. It cooked on low for 12 hours. The flavors really blend when ya do that.

Hubby made a new dip. He found the recipe in the local paper. It's called "Chicken Crack." Silly name but it was addictive. We all ate it up!

The embroidered towels were a big hit! Did not get the St. Pat's tablecloth finished in time for the party but will finish later today. First I gotta sew some patches on a ladies Karate jacket. And shorten her sleeves.

Rainy Mondays are perfect for staying inside and catching up on the sewing and old movies! Or Law and Order re-runs. Talk about addictive!

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