Thursday, March 26, 2009

Queen of Procrasty Nation

I am the absolute most sovereign Queen of Procrasty Nation!

If I can put it off then it probably will not get done.

I've been told I have Adult ADD. Whatevah! I just think there are so many interesting things to do! The world is full of possibilities!

I start the day with good intentions. The windows are naked except for some sheers. I have the fabric to make the curtains - oooh, looky at that bird at the feeder! What
is that? I must look it up. And before you know it I've read volumes on the birds native to North Carolina and the windows are still naked, the dishes aren't clean and the laundry pile has miraculously grown to the size of Stone Mountain (NC not GA!)

And let's not even talk about the near all-nighters I have pulled to finish a customer's order cause I was distracted by knitting or basketball or watching a movie with my sweet, understanding Hubby! (He also cooks and does dishes! I am one lucky gal!)

Here's one of my distracters!

Dang, that window needs cleaning...........................

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  1. Oohh, that's so welcoming having a distracter by the window sill & a beautiful one too. How I wish I can put a bird feeder by the window sill without attracting the 'on & off' visiting monkeys from the nearby green reserve.

    Nice blog ;)


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