Friday, April 3, 2009

Bargain shopping!!!!


I'm gonna sound like an info-mercial but bear with me :)

Last Sunday's Raleigh, NC News and Observer had a full page ad for a new store in Cary. Ollie's Bargain Outlet. Never heard of it before. Normally, Bill and I would avoid Cary for many, many reasons. But this place looked like our kind of store. I checked 'em out online

(Be sure to have the sound on cause the tabs have sound effects - sort of funny the first couple of times.)

On Wednesday, Bill and I headed over there. It was Grand Opening Day. The place was jam packed but everyone was really polite. Probably because they were finding such bargains!

It's like a Big Lots but with (I think) deeper discounts. Lots and lots and lots of books! A few DVDs. A big carpet section, some tile, some wood flooring, tools, foods.

Membership is free and I be'lee you rack up points or somethin.

Here's what we scored:

3 aluminum pie plates .99

Stanley book on Wiring 3.99 (list price 19.99)

Philly cream cheese cookbook with stand 4.99 (list price 17.99)

2 oval/steak plates by Oneida 1.99 each

box of vinyl squares 8.99 (gonna attempt a bathroom floor re-do)

Suet block for birds .99 (typical price but we were there)

Foster Grant reading glasses 2.99 (I have 7 pair in many colors purchased for $1 each at Targhet but these are FG and soooo cool!!!!)

A small fat Pink Panther notebook .69 (I use these little notebooks to keep running lists - helpless with out em)

3 pack of GE compact flourescent bulbs 4.99

4 skeins of Lion Brand Suede yarn 1.99 each (retail is 7.99 They had a whole bunch of Lion Brand close out yarn. Nice colors too)

Keifer Sutherland movie that may suck but it was 2.99 (Small, small movie collection but at 2.99 I can watch it and then trade it on Another place you should check out!)

35 oz tub of redskin peanuts 4.79

2 boxes of Kix (36 oz total) 3.89 (running about 3.50 -4.50 a box in the grocery stores)

So, there you have it.

Searching through this type of store is an adventure. We have found that if you have a running list of "wants/needs" (here's where the fat, little notebook comes in handy!) you can go up and down every aisle and find a bargain on your list. One would probably be frustrated if you go with a specifics list as the stock is ever changing.

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