Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh It's Saturday!

Oh-oooohhhhh! It's Saturday! It's Saturday!
Ha nah nonnie and a hah cha cah!

Totally stole that song from Spanky of the original Our Gang short features! Used to sing it to wake up the kids on Saturdays.

And what a fine Saturday it is! Temps in the 30's, clouds and rain, Daughter is on her way home. Perfect weather for watching Basketball on TV all day!

We're huge Atlantic Coast Conference fans here. I was raised on Wake Forest and attended Clempzin. Hubby is a TarHeel grad and I raised the kids in Chapel Hill. It's a very mixed marriage and family.

I'm finishing up some embroidery for a friend.
Cute huh? These are the fluffiest towels evah! Sort of tough to lock into the hoop but dang these are purdy?

Gotta finish these and then whip up a St. Patrick's theme table cloth. We're having an Ides of March St. Patrick's Day ACC Tournament Final Game Pot Luck Party here tomorrow.

Clothing required.

Green togas optional!

We love our Pot Luck parties. Ya never know what you'll end up eating but it is always good!

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