Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's get this party started!

I have been told that I am funny. You know funny-haha, not funny-weird. I dunno. I just say what's on my mind without a whole lot of censoring. Heck, the other day I dropped the f-bomb whilst on the phone with my Mom. So glad she was talking at the same time! I'm nearly 50. I should know better!

Anyways, some of my friends think I can tell a good (and true) story. I think a lot is lost in translation when I write the tales I tell. We'll see what you, the blog reading public, thinks.

I read a few blogs myself. I find myself returning to the ones that seem open and honest and full of sewing ideas!

I sew.

I sew for a living. What I make is boring - bed skirts, pillows and shams. Not much of a challenge after a while.

I sew for others. Alterations are a drag but it's good gas money. I drive a truck that currently needs an alternator. :(

I sew for my self and my family. Now that's only when I have some spare time. Who has spare time? I do if I don't sleep or if I put off a real job.

So let's get this party started. I have blabbed enough for now. In this space you will soon find pictures of my "works in progress" (wip), you'll meet my family and friends and hopefully I can share a bit of what I know about the gentle "Domestic Arts."


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