Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's on your Needles Wednesday?

What's on Your Needles?

It's Wednesday. 
Whatcha workin on?

I know how your crafty mind works. Just like mine, right?

You have more than one project going at any given time, right?
If you're not crafting, you're thinking about crafting. 

Unless you're thinking about stuff I don't really want to know about. 

Okay - eeewww - keep that to yourself. 

Currently on my needles -

a super secret embroidery,

an afghan, 

and a shoe hanger/storage thingy.
I'm making 4 of these for us. E'er day I'm trippin over shoes!

Recently finished - 

A blankie for my childhood friend's newest family member, Maegan Gabrielle.

 I used vintage animal designs that belonged to my Great Aunt Pearl. 
I also sneaked in my Clempzin Tiger colors on the cat. heehee

 The back is this Democrat fabric
I stitched/quilted 3 little donkeys in each corner.

A Redskins knit cap - toboggan, as we call it in The South.
 Yeah, I finished knitting it late one night and had to get a pic right then!
Like my bright blue flan`nel gown?

And a purple sweater for Rosie.
 Oh heck, have you been introduced?
This is my new baby, Rosie.
Brought her home from the Wake County Animal Shelter last Fall.
She's a Terrier mix, maybe 5 years old, about 12 pounds and I loves her!

So, what's on YOUR needles?


  1. Love Rosie's sweater! Perfect timing to have it ready for our arctic temps this week!

    1. Thanks Dawn. She wears her sweater under Petey's hand me down Harley Davidson sweatshirt and she still shivers!

  2. What a sweet blanket! So adorable. And I too love Rosie's sweater.

    You've been so productive creative...I have "creative block"...more about this later (probably on my blog, if I can get over that block too). I'm heading to sewing class today and hoping to break through this fog!

    1. I think Creative Block is why I always have so many projects going. When I get blocked or bored I can pick up something else. Plus the knitting is always so relaxing for me.

      I wanna hear more about sewing classes!


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