Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

What's up? 

Happy Friday

Long time no type! I mean, see! 

Lots goin on 'round here. 
Not exactly exciting in the grand scheme of things but some new stuff happenin and whirling in my head.

Please permit me a moment of whining and 
then I'll move on.

I have decided to give up Craft Shows. 
(Did I tell y'all this already?) Anyways, the last one was last 4th of July. I sold NOTHING. Zero, zip, zilch. 

On top of the disappointment it poured rain several times that day - along with thunder and lightening. 
We only had the shelter of our pop-top canvas roof. 
 I was scared to pieces. North Carolina is #2 in the nation behind Florida in deaths by lightening.
All my merch was soaked - good thing it's all 100% cotton, right?

BillHubby and I broke down early cause all was wet - no way to sell that - and took turns toking stuff 2 1/2 city blocks to our truck. arrgghh.

My inventory was gifted, sold to neighbors and some of it is in a cute shop in Wake Forest, NC -  
Nereida is gathering all sorts of cool craft creations for her shop, which is adorable!

Then came the Fall and my brilliant idea to teach folks how to sew.
I put out flyers all over the place. 
No one called. 

So I'm taking a new approach. 
I've been sewing, stitching and knitting for my family and myself. I'm gonna be selfish for a while.

I'm planning some bloggie fun too. 
 Try It Tuesdays with recipes I tried over the weekend.

What's On Your Needles Wednesdays? to share 
(show off) what I'm knitting or stitching.

Thrifty Thursdays for recent Thrifting finds.

Fabulous Friday featuring free vintage embroidery patterns and other fabulous stuff.

Folks - keep me honest on this. If I miss a week of blogging please holler at me!

Stay tuned.   
Stay tuned. 



  1. I will be on you like flies on shit! :) I know your frustration. Nothing I made and thought was amazing was selling. So I figured, why stop making amazing things for myself or friends? I like where you are going with this. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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