Monday, August 27, 2012

Opening In September - Mrs. Becky's School of Sewing and Needle Arts

I'm gonna do it!

Come one, come all!
Old, Young
Male or Female
Intermediates who needs a skills refresher

In honor of National Sewing Month,
which is September,

May I present to you
[drum roll and trumpets please]

Mrs. Becky's School of Sewing
and Needle Arts

I offer classes in my home.
Monday - Thursday

Choose from 3 daily time slots
10 am - Noon
2 pm - 4 pm
5 pm - 7 pm

Learn the very basics about 
and more.

Choose from a 2 hour refresher class or a one month package of four 2 hour lessons.

Open to boys and girls, men and women, old and young, Moms and kids, Dads and kids.
Grandparents and Grandkids.

Sorry I haven't quite figured out how to get cats and dogs to sew yet. But I am working on it!

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Class packages include printed materials and some supplies.

 We'll begin with small hand sewn projects, 
learn basic embroidery skills.
then graduate to learning about and 
using a sewing machine. 

I was blessed to have had a very patient [Grand] Mama who taught me to sew. 
She encouraged me every step of the way. 

What qualifies me to teach?
40+ years of sewing
Both personally and professionally.
And patience.

  My goal is to spread encouragement and the skills that will enable you to use them for a life time.

Message me here or at for rates, dates and more info.


  1. Aww! Sounds like fun!! Sorry, it's a little too far for me to drive, but I'm sure you'll have lots of business!

  2. This is AWESOME, Becky! So excited and happy for you!


  3. Yay! I bet you will be a huge success! Best of luck!

  4. I would totally take your class if only we lived close to each other!!! This is an exciting venture. I know that your students will be lucky to have you as a teacher!


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