Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Planning and planting - It's Garden time!

Bill and I recently finished fencing in a "new" garden area. Looks huge but it really isn't.
View from the house end. We had to fill dirt cause the builders put soooooo much gravel (12" deep) when they built it as a rental 15  or so years ago. We are the first owners to even attempt any "landscaping."

Here are the Irises getting ready to blossom.
And do we have rosemary!! That plant has been there for 5 years and just keeps going.
Chives are sprouting in between.

These darlings are Lily of the Valley that are transplanted from the ones my [Grand]Mama planted at my childhood home. I started with 4 (I think) plants last year and look at the multiplication!!

This end needs the most work. We have a forsythia (on your left) that sprouted from one my [Grand]Mama planted. A couple more forsythia from our friend Nancy.
I put my roses back there too. They started out there 5 years ago - may have lost one tho.
This is where I plan to plant the maters, cukes, peppers and more cutting flowers.
Might string up some green beans too.

I hope I'll be using my Gathering Apron lots and lots this summer and fall.

Don't you need one too?


 You can have one or two!
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And what's a garden with out a Guardian Fairy in a "modern art" Fairy Hut?
Gotta go sort some seeds and 
plot the summer harvest!


  1. So jealous of ya'll with your rosemary and your near-blooming irises! Up north I'm just desperate for the first lettuce of the year.

  2. I think I need one of those aprons!! Love them :) Garden looks nice and is a great spot to relax.

  3. It's coming together so nicely! Needed this inspiration ~ gonna get busy in my garden on Sunday:)


  4. love your flowers getting ready to bloom, and those aprons are great

  5. Hi Becky! I've been out in the garden, too, and blogged about it! Everything looks beautiful at your place. I love those aprons, would be fun for gathering green beans.Happy Spring!!
    Peace, Stephanie

  6. Oh, my goodness, that apron is brilliant! I love them!

  7. those aprons are just awesome. i love love love the pocket with the elastic! amazing!

  8. Now why didn't I think of that?! Love the aprons! How clever! Off to check out your Etsy shop! :-)


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