Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Easter!!

WWe have had a crazy week here. 

I shall not bore you with the details but instead will share my Easter Bunny cake. 

It's super easy.
Really it is.

I've had the recipe since Jordan was a toddler, so for at least 24 years.

Believe it or not, I still have the page I tore from the magazine all those years ago! It's in a photo album that I used to store recipes. Go here to Pillsbury's website to find the recipe and directions.

Here are the pics from my adventure to help you:
Yellow cake Bunny with chocolate icing

 I'm digging the retro designed bag o' coconut!
First round of coconut
Pink dyed coconut added

Finished Bunny cake!

In other news - Check out this great giveaway sponsored by Lark Crafts for the new stitching book - Sewn By Hand.  It's a really fun Blog Tour with a stop today at Mummysam's blog.

One last place I'd love for you to take a peek - 

My etsy shop, Sew In Stitches.

I have added new aprons!

 Hoppy Easter!!!!


  1. Awh, cute cake:) Happy Easter to you too:)

  2. Super cute cake! I love coconut! Have a great Easter!!

  3. OMG this cake is GENIUS! I'll be round tomorrow a.m., as soon as I wake up ;)

  4. Best to hurry BW - this one is going fast!

  5. that cake is too cute! we ate at carolina brewery the other day and each ordered a piece of their cake - tres leche cake which was their special. each piece was as big as my head. and it turned out that each one was $11.90. i kid you not. we should go into the cake bizness!!

    hope you all had a great holiday. xo

  6. Your cake turned out super cute!!!!


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