Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas is How Many Days Away?!?!?!?!


Is anyone else freaking out?
Am I the only one who isn't quite ready?

What do you have left to do?

I have odds and ends to finish up. 

A couple of custom order bibs
There's still time to order one or more for delivery before Christmas.

I have most of the purchased prezzies purchased but not wrapped.
Last Saturday, we hosted our 1st Annual Fire-Pit Party and 
Celebration of Bill's New Job.
It snowed.
A little bit.

I love snow but not when I have a party planned! A few hearty souls braved the cold wet afternoon and evening around out newly dug fire-pit. It was easy to understand why others were smart and stayed home and warm. But we had fun.

In anticipation of the gathering we cleaned house and decorated. Bill groaned when he saw all the Christmas boxes up from the basement. Katharine doubted I could get it done. But I did. hmmph!

Lousy picture of our wonderful authentic 1960's PomPom Aluminum Christmas Tree

BARBIE HEAD!!! I need to devote a whole post to BARBIE HEAD!!!


My Santa Collection on Bill's Grandma Daisy's buffet

I love these kissing Clauses from my Dad's old junque store circa 1976

I've had that Santa with the bag since the 60's.  I made the bag way back then and it's filled with wrapped prezzies!

My Great Uncle bequeathed this beautiful organ to me.

It's the perfect place for the ceramic Christmas Tree made by my Aunt Royce back in the 70's

and a pretty good spot to put the portrait of Miss Wilkes County 1960. 
 Didn't know you were reading the blog of Beauty Pageant Royalty did ya?
I was 1 and my Daddy was the pageant's emcee. 
He thought it would be cute to announce the "winner" by revealing "her" portrait.  I think he was buying time for the judges.

But I digress............
 Be sure to check here on Monday for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway.
It's a great time to wander around and read different blogs and register to win prizes!  Not quite what I'll give away this time but I'm thinking a Christmas apron or towels and hot pads or baby bibs or all of the above - as in 3 giveaways!!!
My pal Cindy (not my College Room Mate Cindy - the other Cindy) is celebrating her Blogiversary with her
Go give her love, check out her awesome aprons 
and leave a comment to win!!


  1. Does that make me a princess by default? LOVE your Christmas!

  2. can you play that there organ? miss wilkes county?? is that so?

  3. I am SO stressing a bit, and I don't usually do that, but for some reason it seems to have jumped on me this year! your decorations are fabulous! I am interested in the Barbie head story! LOL! Those kissing Clause's are awesome!


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