Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Stuff, Old Stuff - Cyber-Monday Link-up

New Stuff in my etsy shop.

"Old" stuff in my eBay store.

Who ventured out on Black Friday?
Not me. 
No way. No how.

I have seriously stayed at home on that day of madness ever since I left retail sales some 15 years ago.
Hats off to those of you brave enough to wait in line and shuffle through all the stuff and people.

What did you get?

I am trying to get ready for Cyber-Monday.

There are a few new items in my etsy shop, Sew In Stitches, with more to come as I finish sewing and picture taking. 
I sure wish the pictures were as easy as the sewing.

 I made these bibs for our granddaughter and a friend's grandson.
You can order one (or more) for your special baby by choosing your fabric, font and thread color.  Then I create a custom listing!  

These are the fabrics available.

For the first time in ages I have some vintage items listed in my eBay store under my eBay name, singers_mom.
I am donating 15% of all proceeds to the 
Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services of Chatham County, NC.

I opened my eBay account long before the notion of Sew In Stitches was born. Has anyone else ever changed their eBay ID and store name?  I am seriously considering it in order to unify everything under the Sew In Stitches name. Opinions?

What are you doing for Cyber-Monday?
Are you setting up shop?
Adding to yours?
The more folks that see our stuff, the more stuff we sell!

Please link your shop, store, items for sale or blog here.

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  1. Happy holidays to you! No way will I go out on Black Friday. I snagged a few deals online on Thanksgiving but am pretty much done shopping for Christmas. I have plenty to sew, though! I've been cleaning house & trying to get listings up in the shops hoping to get some more sales. I've thought about changing my Ebay name, too, but have never done it. I figure that I don't sell enough to make the change :) Have a great weekend!


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