Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 1987

September 18, 1987
It was a Friday.
We arrived at Henrico Doctors Hospital in 
Richmond, Virginia at 7am.
Jordan was home having Cheerios with my friend Susan.
Twenty- three years have passed and 
I remember it so vividly.
IV in. Pitocin drip begins.
Comfy birthing suite.  
Big TV and a remote.
Her father dozed. 
I watched the Today show.
The morning moves along as does our progress.
Nurses buzz in and out.
Doctor pops in.
All is going well.

Lunchtime but not for me.
And I am hongry!
I'm always hongry.
Noon news - nothing dramatic going on "out there."
Getting a little more intense in here though.
I'm calm.  Her father is freaking out.
"Where's that doctor?!!!" 
"She's gonna birth without him here!!!!"
(Nothing worse than a panicked male)
I ask the nurse to give him a sedative.
She promises to do just that if he doesn't hush.
I imagine a scene from 
"Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom."
"Hold him Jim while I shoot him with a tranquilizer dart."

The Nurse suggests that her father hush.

Soap Opera time.
Young and Restless
As The World Turns
Guilding Light begins.
Hi Dr. Miller!
Oh, Josh and Reva are at it again - fighting like the hell cats they are.

Just a couple more pushes.

The Nurse suggests that her father hush!

Dr. Miller beams "Here's Fred."

"I told you not to decorate in pink and green now we have to do it all over!"
The Nurse suggests that her father HUSH!

She is beautiful.
Katharine Grace has arrived.

The years are a swirl of nursery school, pre-school, scraped knees, 
"Bangles, Baubles and Beads" ballet

baseball, Big Girl school, Brownie Scouts, 
Summer Theater, silly giggles, sleep overs, 
mean girls in middle school, 
Tubby the Mouse's "I'm hungry," 
the cute boy down the street spoke to me, 
Sock Club, High School, Theatre, 
Football Fridays with Twizzlers & Fins, 
getting dressed like Cinderella and "bless you!" 
snorts and wheezes, Chamber Choir, Lucky 13,
100 Yorktown
5 am for the big Tournament, wrestling manager, 
"Reggie King poked me in my eye!" cough, cough, 
graduation, Jimmy John's, 
off to college and home again, new hair colors, 

Silly shopping trips
And so, so much more!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Baby Girl!


  1. I say it's a cool post that's funny and brings tears to my eyes too! Thanks for sharing, Becky!

  2. SOOO Sweet!!! Happy Birthday Katharine!!

  3. happy birthday katharine, you have the best mom ever......

  4. You're a great story teller - really enjoyed this post:) Made me tear up a bit and think about the birth of MY children!


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