Saturday, May 15, 2010

Missing but soooooo Busy

Hey folks!
I want to thank you all so very much for your ideas and suggestions for my first ever Craft Fair.
Bill Hubby took pics the first day.

This is my new pattern.  I saw a picture and made it up.
It's a Gathering Apron!
These are drawn up a bit. They are sorta long and totally reversible. 
You can wear it long or draw it up to form a pouch.  
Hands free flower picking, toy collecting, garden pickin action!
Sold two.

I made forty'leven bibs and some burp cloths.
Sold none.

Made  a bunch of tissue holders - sold one.

The Craft Fair itself was a bust for all the vendors.  The market sponsoring it did next to zero advertising.  The only "shoppers" were our friends who stopped by to visit! 
We encouraged 'em to buy stuff from other folk and they did.

The Market shoppers greeted us with "What's going on here?" "I didn't know this was happening." "Wish I'd known, I would have brought some/more cash."
Frustrating for all of us 


I met some very talented folks.  We are looking in to forming a Craft Coalition to sell and promote our stuff.  Fingers crossed!

I was so happy to meet Missy from Crafting with Cat Hair!
She works just down the street from the MarketPlace and delayed her trip home to hang out on Friday afternoon!

And I got to brag that everything I made for the Craft Fair was from my stash o' fabric!


I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what I did this week to recover.
Hint: yard stuff and retail therapy!!!


  1. Welcome back! I love that gathering apron, what a great idea! I have done craft shows in the past, and have found I do far better at home parties. I made all of my Christmas money one year that way.

  2. Well, your shop looked great and i LOVE the apron! I'm thinking ETSY for all your cute things! Looks like the stash is shrinking.

  3. Love your gathering apron! My grandmother and the neighbor ladies had similar aprons to hold their clothes pins. We called them "clothes pin aprons". So much more convenient than bending into a clothes basket to pick the pins up. Some ladies pinned the apron skirts in place rather than sew a new apron.

    The comment about home parties above is right on. They are far better than craft sales for making money.

    Good luck.

  4. Sorry the craft fair wasn't more successful but it sounds like good things will come from it! Glad to hear you are doing well and have been busy. Peace, Stephanie

  5. Sorry to hear Saturday wasn't any better for the fair, but I had fun meeting you and your husband on Friday! :)


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