Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help please!???

Hey!  How be everyone?  I have been busy with stuff.  We all know about stuff right?  I'd quote George Carlin but can't remember the routine well enough to do it justice. ;)

Dear friends, I need help.
And while you say, "well, duuuuhhh!" please allow me to explain.

On Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th, I will be participating in my first ever Craft Fair.  
I am so very excited and nervous at the same time.

I've been thinking, listing and putting together what I want to sell.
I have my prices figured out - mostly.

What I do not know is how much stuff to have there.  
I don't want to have too much there and have shoppers take a card with a "She has plenty, I'll call her later." And I don't want to have too little there and have my table look skimpy!
I will have my cards out so someone CAN call me later of course.  But after the Craft show everything will go into my sadly empty etsy shop, Sew In Stitches.

Here's what I am thinking:
a dozen each 
Tissue (Like Kleenex) holders

 Coaster Sets of 4

Ladies aprons

Child size aprons (6 Girls and 6 Boys)

Men's aprons
Isn't this graphic just too cute!?

Fabric corsages

And if I have time, maybe some embroidered onsies, some tote bags and examples of my monogram work?
Mother's Day is Sunday the 9th so this will be a good time to sell some last minute gifts, yes?

Too much?  Not enough? Too varied?

Don't you want to come set up and sit with me next weekend?
I'll be at the Chatham Marketplace on 15-501 in Pittsboro, NC from 4-7 pm.  I have no clue how many crafty folks will be setting up tables.  I must e-mail the nice lady co-ordinating this and get a few answers to my "how does all this work" questions.

Thanks!  I know I can count on y'all to give me straight answers!


  1. How cool!!! You know I work about 5 minutes from there. I had no idea they did craft shows. I might have to keep an eye out for their next one.

    I think your items are great, especially aprons for Mother's Day. I don't know anything about craft shows, as I haven't done one yet, so I am no help. But, I'll definitely be stopping by after work on Friday. Maybe I'll pick up some dinner too. They have great vegetarian dishes. :)

  2. They sure do Missy! We need to meet up anyway.

  3. Sounds like an adventure! I haven't sold my sewing, but used to go to shows to sell candles. I'd recommend taking some boxes to use as risers or shelves or stands to make your booth look good and not just lay things on a table. Take whatever you have made and keep extras hidden away to restock or pull out if needed. You want a good assortment, but not so many things that it's overwhelming to look at. Looks like you have a good assortment and about a dozen of each sounds reasonable to me.

    I love your aprons! They would make great Mother's Day gifts, so I'd play up things for Mom since it's just before the holiday. Maybe some coordinating coasters, hot pads or tea towels to match aprons? Don't can never really know what to expect even if you've done that show before. Have fun and happy selling!

  4. Sounds wonderful to me! I like a booth with lots to look at, and the more there is the longer I stay to make sure I don't miss anything, and the longer I stay the greater the chance of my buying. You have something there for everyone so I think you're right on the money! Hope you do great!

  5. Hi Becky, I did shows for 3 1/2 years and I can just tell you my view. The more the better. If your booth is packed and inviting. Lots of lights and displays they come in. I wish you the best of luck.

  6. It sounds awesome! I think having a lot of stuff is good. You can put out a little bit at a time and then replace it. Do you have a dress form for the aprons. That helped me out a lot when I did shows. I'm so excited for you!

  7. wow, I wish I lived near by. You could always fill your table space, and then have extra's in a tub under your table or where ever. Wishing you luck on selling everything you take.

  8. How did the craft fair go????? I am sorry I missed chiming in on your question!


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