Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage Thingys Thursday - Spooky stuff

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!!

I love Halloween.

Thought I'd take you on a tour today!

Come along!  We're gonna go see some of my relatives.

We'll let my Mom drive!  She drives fast as a bat outta Hades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Come see.  So many of them are here.


Waiting to meet youuuuuuuuuuuuuu......................

 Here are Great Grandpa and Grandma Walker.

She was a Campbell.  We Walker women inherited her Scot evil eye!

Don't cross us!

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

 Oh look over there!
Great - Great Uncle William Franklin Walker for whom my brother is named.....

(Don't know these folks.)   Excuse us please. 
Passing through.

Thank you

  Need a potty break?

Whoa!  These are scary, creepy old!!!!!

Mom says no one in OUR Family would name a child Mexico or Zebra!!!!
But I am pretty sure they are our cousins.


Here's sweet Aunt Lovie, Sister to Ima (my [Grand] Mama,) Eura, Iona, Birdie, Nannie and Howard Manuel and Walter Spencer Walker.

(Nah, no one in OUR Family would have ever named anyone Mexico or Zebra!)

Aunt Lovie would love to tell you a funny story.  Lean a little closer...........


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  1. What a fun post? Of course, those grave markers are vintage! Have to admit the spider and the outhouses gave me a shudder or two!

    Hope the situation with Petey is going better. It looks like he has a family that loves him very much.

  2. I love grave markers and old cemeteries...great post, the spider, well that is another matter!

    Have a great weekend and a Happy VTT!

  3. Thanks for the tour of the graveyard, and introducing me to your relatives!
    Happy VTT!

  4. Thanks for the visit with your vintage relatives. I love reading the old tombstones.

  5. How interesting. I have a few old, old grave yards in my area and keep meaning to visit them but never seem to get there. Your family has been in that neck of the woods for a looong time.

  6. So is the spider a relative too?

    Love the tour -- I do love old cemeteries; they are so touching and fascinating. Zebra, huh? Don't let any Hollywood celebrity hear that name; it will be the next poor celebrity baby name.

    Thanks for a very interesting, fun, and somewhat spooky read! Boo!

  7. Thanks for sharing your tour, and stop by my blog. I'm wondering how the spider is related to this post?

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
    You got a Posty: I want to give 15 postcards :)

  8. Very fun post. Was happy to "visit" with your relatives today! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    Happy Halloween.

  9. Nice to make all of their acquaintances, especially Zebra!

  10. Your photo of the church is very pretty.

  11. Becky, I came over to tell you how much I love the cake you found. YOu mentioned you have never worked with fondant. What you are going to do will be very easy. Just think of it as using playdough or regular clay. Keep your surface very clean and dry. And if it gets too sticky, dust your hands with cornstarch. Good luck. Send me a picture of the cake when you finish it. I will post it on my blog. Love it! Lets's exchange badges and links. I also sew!

  12. What a riot! I love cemeteries. Both fun and creepy especially at this time of year. Interesting family names...

  13. this has to be the coolest VTT I have ever seen LOVED it!

    How is petey doing?

    hope your having a lovely week

  14. Love your post! And the pictures are awesome. But I'm strange!!:-)

  15. All the spiders in this post made me just a tad too frazzled. haha

  16. *LOVE* this post & *LOVE* your blog!

    My favorite would probably have to be the old church, but then the head stones are awesome as well.

    Stoppin' by from SSS (so many to visit this year)

  17. just out making the sss rounds hope your having a great week and that all is well

  18. Hey Beckie this is a fun post I love scary and vintage they go together like peanut butter and jelly, thanks for coming to my recupefashion website so ofter so sorry I could not drop by sooner but I will now regularly.
    Thanks again for all your comments

  19. just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving I hope you are doing well and staying healthy


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