Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday!

Yikes! It's Thursday already?

Be sure to go over to Coloradolady's blog to find more links to other Vintage Thingies Thursday blogs! The stories and pictures are always fun!

I hope everyone is enjoying the May Giveaways sponsored by Sew, Mama, Sew! There you will find 3 links to lists - long, long lists - of the talented bloggers who are participating. You can peruse their giveaways and enter for a chance to win.

I spent most of yesterday reading and entering. It is way too much fun! Be sure to enter my giveaway too!

In the spirit of my giveaway, here are my Vintage Thingies for today!

First, Our lovely Mid-Century Liquor Cabinet.

On the right - A lovely antique decanter a gift from "Aunt" Terrie and "Uncle" Tom. Oooh, there's a tiny little vintage Gordon's bottle too!

And on the left - My soon to be famous Martini Shaker!

This is where I'll place your name if you enter for a chance at my my May GiveAway!


  1. Really neat items - the shaker is a gem!

  2. I'll have to go take a look at this long long list. I didn't know about this!

  3. Hooray! My name will be in that famous shaker of yours soon!I entered yesterday:) I'm crossing my fingers for your peachy apron! Do you sell them too? I didn't see directly on your blog if you do. I don't own an apron yet! Isn't that crazy?

  4. Thanks y'all!!

    I wish my first -and only- attempt at martini making had been as good as the shaker is cute. They were just awful!

    Lilly, I hope all your house work etc is up to date. That long, long list is absorbing.

    Marie, I do indeed sell what I sew. I have an etsy shop that is currently empty. Since you are one of my "followers" you will be notified when I have stuff up for sale. Fingers crossed with in 2 weeks!

  5. Great items you have for future use.

  6. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  7. This is really nice. I like the style and it would look nice in any decor. Thanks for posting today for VTT.

  8. Love your shaker. I need one. A Martini, not the shaker. =)

  9. That shaker is awesome! Way cool!

  10. Never knew there was a vintage Thursday; should take photos of my house goods and post them -grin-. Although we didn't realize they were vintage because they are in use everyday. Old stuff is just made so much better!

  11. I love your idea of using Ariel on the inside of a tote with a gifted fork for combing their hair! I bet you could could dress the fork up as well to make it extra cute.
    You just Have TO let me know if you do this, I've got to see :)
    (Can you tell how excited I am?)

  12. love that martini shaker..very retro :)

  13. Ah, shaken not stirred--sorry, I had a Daniel Craig moment.


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