Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Won! I won! I won!!

Soooooo, I read a few other blogs. These are listed on the left over there.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a super creative woman, L'Tanya Durante. She used to publish a fiber arts/knitting magazine from just up the road in Durham, NC. Her news letter was to announce the re-birth of her blog and website, Craftnicity.

This week to celebrate the re-launch she is having a contest a day! The posts are written by guest artists/crafters. I won yesterday! So surprised and so tickled to win Kelee Katillac's book, "Kids' Sacred Places: Rooms for Believing and Belonging."

Kelee's decorating style is anything BUT cookie cutter copy catty. She's all about finding one's own style and spirit and utilizing it to create a comfy and beautiful home.

Scoot on over to L'Tanya's site! There are 4 more days this week to win!


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